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Makerspace and Kitchen


The Canterbury Primary School Makerspace is home to many exciting opportunities for students to explore their passions and work collaboratively to create exciting solutions to real-world problems. The room itself is a digitally rich learning environment that promotes learning through trial and error and empowers students as leaders. The space is intentionally designed to support idea generation, collaboration, critical and creative thinking and experimentation. 

Making has many forms, the areas we focus on in our Makerspace are:

Students learn core curriculum, particularly STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), through hands-on applications. Our learner dispositions (creativity, resilience, collaboration, self efficacy, curiosity and self regulation) are also a focus in Makerspace lessons.



The Makerspace Kitchen and Garden provides the opportunity for all students from Prep through to Year 6 to explore the benefits of harvesting and preparing delicious food. Students are taught to respect the space, practise good hygiene and handle equipment safely. Cooking lessons provide learning opportunities in English (reading and following instructions, writing procedural texts and giving directions), Mathematics (measurement, fractions and financial concepts) and Science (mostly through the lens of Chemical and Physical Sciences).

Each year, we have a Maker Festival for our school community where families can engage in Maker activities together, which celebrate student learning in both the Makerspace and Kitchen.