Term 4 2018

This term our ‘All About Me’ topic has allowed us to get to know the students’ likes and dislikes, families and hobbies. The children were able to focus on what made them special and how they are different from others.  We are looking forward to the children sharing their booklets with you tomorrow at 3pm.

Discovery Learning has allowed us to observe the students’ interests and passions. Students have had input into what activities have been set-up during this time with the rooms being open to allow free flow between the spaces. This has allowed a range of activities and choice for students to mix with all in the Discovery Centre. As the term has progressed, we have had opportunities to observe and discuss with our students what they would like to learn about next term. These discussions have guided our planning for our Term Two focus which will be ‘Prep National Park’.

“My favourite thing in Discovery is the zoo animals.  The lion is my favourite.”- Harrison

I like playing with the doctor dress ups because we get to be doctors together.” – Jessica

The students have thoroughly enjoyed the physical challenges of PMP. They focused on teamwork, cooperation and resilience.  We appreciate all of the support from parent helpers this term as we could not run this program without your assistance.

I like PMP because they put fun equipment out”– Addie

I like bouncing the balls in PMP”- Harry M

This term in Cooking, the focus was on our senses and using produce from our veggie patch.  The students created and experimented with different flavours in herbal teas, sandwiches as well as salty, sweet and sour tastes.  Next term we will be incorporating our Discovery focus of ‘Prep National Park’ into our kitchen sessions.

“I have liked all of the cooking sessions, but I really like eating our creations outside with my class”- Davis

I’m really happy when I’m cooking in the kitchen.  I enjoyed it when we tasted the other flavours and made the chocolate balls”- Kayden

The children have begun to use code.org to learn how to block code.  This teaches the students that computers need input from us to complete tasks.  Students have focused on developing a growth mindset, resilience and an understanding that challenges and setbacks are an opportunity to improve and learn.

I like the puzzles because they challenged me” – Jack S

We had to match the blocks, it was fun to tell the computer what to do”- Brodie


In Art this term we have been learning about how to use all the new and exciting materials available in the Art Room. We started practising our painting and collage skills by making an Eric Carle inspired artwork. Students demonstrated their cutting and composition skills by layering paper and using shapes to make an image. We then moved onto colour mixing and exploring how secondary colours and tints are made. Our last project for the term focused on making our very own Where the Wild Things Are, character by using pattern, line and warm and cool colours.


Preps have had lots of fun learning new games to promote spatial awareness and fair play. They have enjoyed engaging in a range of skill development activities to practise fundamental movement skills, including catching, kicking and throwing.


This term, students were introduced to Chinese language and culture. They learnt simple words and phrases related to classroom routines and basic greetings through immersion, chants, videos, songs, books and language games.