With 2015 quickly coming to an end, it is hard not to look back on Term Four and smile.  There have been so many amazing things happening in Year Three and Four over the last few months.  Highlights included Genius Time projects, the ‘Make a Difference’ Inquiry topic, learning about animals and plants in Science, and various Writing focuses, such as debating, recipes and reviews, poetry and narratives.  The students explored a variety of different ways to present their work, including making Weebly and Wix websites, Prezi or Powerpoint presentations, posters, booklets and models.  During Inquiry, we learned so many helpful ways we can assist others in our community that might be in need.  Thank you so much to all the parents, grandparents and friends who visited our classes, shared their expertise and assisted with excursions and sports days over the entire year.

“Researching, making my own questions, and presenting my project how I wanted was amazing this term! I chose to find out more about kings and queens.” Natasha

“I interviewed Jim for my ‘Make a Difference’ project.  It was lovely to meet him and hear about his childhood.” Emily

“Reptile Encounters was awesome I learned that snakes can swallow huge things like buffaloes and I got to hold the crocodile!” George

“We dissected flowers in Science.  I didn’t realise that flowers had human body parts like ovaries – it was very strange!” Maya

“Debating was so much fun this term.  I loved thinking of arguments, finding evidence and then giving my debate in front of the class!” Calista

“Recipes, cooking and reviews were fun and awesome because we got to eat our creations and we had to do the maths to work out the measurements.” Ben

“Everything was awesome this term!  We did heaps of hands on activities and I loved them all!” George