Term 4 2018

Year 3 had an exciting term kicked off by the final installation of our Street Libraries. We were thrilled to see our hard work come to life. You can now find our street libraries on Molesworth St and Leeds St close to the school gates.  We were also very happy to finally receive the published copies of our CYOA stories. We loved selling our books to CPS families and sharing our awesome writing with a wider audience.

Every Monday of Term 4 each Year 3 grade walked to Strathcona for an hour-long swimming lesson. These lessons involved water familiarisation, water safety, and stroke development. We are certain there are a few future Olympic swimmers amongst the year level!
During Term 4, Year 3 students completed the units of work, ‘Canterbury: Then & Now’. Students compared photographs from the past and present to identify changes and enjoyed reading “Time Flies”. A highlight of the unit was exploring the Bell Tower and looking for the ghost of CPS. Students were thrilled to visit the Bell Tower and to find out more about Major Patrick Maloney.

In MakerSpace, students participated in a ‘Cooler Creation’ investigation to enhance their understanding of heat transfer. They collaboratively designed and engaged in a range of experiments to determine which material would enable them to create an effective drink bottle cooler. Students investigated an experiment question by conducting a range of fair tests. After reflecting upon each test they successfully answered each of their chosen experiment questions.

In Term 4, Year 4s explored the question ‘How did we get to Canterbury’. They interviewed relatives to uncover their family’s rich and diverse journey. We visited the immigration museum to hear the interesting stories and discovered creative ways of sharing them. Students wrote biographies and mapped their immigration journey on Google Tour Builder. Students focused on developing character and setting descriptions and using interesting language to make their story exciting.

Year 4s also investigates chemical reactions in Science. They combined this new knowledge with their understandings of force from our recent Pinewood Derby unit to design an aerodynamic rocket fuelled by mentos and coke. Students also investigated the viscosity of slime and classified solids, liquids and gases.

In the Makerspace, Year 4 students replicated drone search and rescue missions using block coding with Parrot drones. They also applied their knowledge of 3D shapes by designing pencil holders and other desk items o TinkerCAD to be 3D printed.

We have had a wonderful year in the Innovation Centre!