Term 4 2018

What a final term in the Leadership Centre!  Our wonderful year culminated with ‘Windows To The World’, an immersive exhibition of cultural celebrations from around the world.  To kick off the term, students engaged in activities centred on intercultural understandings, storytelling and robotics and automation.  Students flew to other countries using Google Flight Simulator, read through fairytales from other cultures, and investigated the weekly shopping from around the world and other activities to pique their interest.

Filled with curiosity, each class began to investigate a continent in depth.  Groups of students chose different countries within their continents and begun discovering amazing traditions from unfamiliar lands.  We learnt about Vanuatu’s John Frum Festival, a celebration of an imaginary American soldier, Cuba’s Fiesta del Fuego, a riotous fire festival as well as Guy Fawkes Night, Diwali Festival and many others.  Students had guest speakers, made models, wrote infographics and information reports, created multimedia presentations and showed an authentic interest in their personal topics, eagerly sharing their findings with each other around the Leadership Centre.  In small groups, students began working on artefacts to display in a ‘windows’ display, inspired by Myer’s annual Christmas Windows.  Students planned, designed, experimented and built models and representations for their class displays, combining all their knowledge into two original displays for each continent.  Students used lighting, motors, electronics, paint, 3D printed models, stencils, papier mache, woodwork, robotics and origami to create eye catching displays.

Windows To The World was unveiled to the Canterbury PS community on Monday 3rd of December to a sold out audience!  The line stretched all the way from the Leadership Centre to Leeds St as the crowd clamoured to get a view of our stunning displays!  Audiences were treated to an audio guide recorded by students as well as an immersive Christmas experience inside the Leadership Centre involving computer activities, wrapping station, letters to Santa and Christmas card creation.  The Leadership Centre was buzzing with families from across the Canterbury community and it was a wonderful night for everyone.

This year has been a huge success across the Leadership Centre.  Thank you so much to all the families, friends and teachers across the Canterbury PS community who have supported us throughout the year.  Most of all, congratulations to the wonderful students for a sensational year.  Your hard work, enthusiasm, imagination, creativity and passion have made this year everything it has been.