Term 4 2018

Term 3 saw our Prep classrooms transform into Kid City Shopping Centre.  Students created a shop based on their interests and worked towards a teacher/student co-constructed criteria that included team work and collaboration.  We travelled by train to Box Hill Central for an immersion day. The students explored the shopping centre and investigated the features of the shops such as signs, packaging, advertising, pricing and product quality.

During the term we went on walking excursions in small groups to various shops and invited parent guest speakers to share their expertise.

Students worked towards creating signage, commercials and products for a variety of shops as well as using persuasive writing to attract customers to their shops.  Students engaged in play-based transactions using Australian coins and worked on budgeting and working out the correct change.

To model a customer experience including restaurant etiquette, budgeting and ordering from a menu, the Prep teachers created a fine dining experience and transformed the classrooms into a restaurant.

In the Makerspace kitchen, our focus was creating lunch options that promoted healthy eating. The students made sushi, fresh rice paper rolls, salad sandwiches and a muesli slice.  The students enjoyed the taste testing process!

Within our Science lessons, we focused on materials and sustainability. We learnt about how plastic impacts the environment and explored various measures to reduce our plastic waste.

We are looking forward to more adventures, learning and preparing for a smooth transition into Grade One.

‘It was exciting to make our shop. We got to make the shops and products and say how much they were’- Reeve D0B


‘I loved making party decorations for my shop.  I had fun serving all the parents.  We only have 6 cups left’ – Mimi D0B


‘I liked painting the shop fronts and going on the excursion to Box Hill Central’- Pippa D0B


‘I loved making the books for our book shop.   We made picture story books for kids’- Addie D0S

‘I liked working in the bank for Kid City.  I got to give out the money and credit cards’- Jack R D0S


‘I liked handing out the maps of our shopping centre and the paper bags for our customers’- Teddy D0M


‘I really liked making our products and selling them because our shop sold out the quickest’- Davis D0M


‘I was in the Travel Agency and I liked making everyone’s passports’- Allanah D0E

‘I liked making the real food in the kitchen to sell’- Yoyo D0E