Term 4 2018

Year 3

We kicked off Term 3 with an adventure back in time to the pioneer village of Coal Creek. We learnt all about life for the early Victorian settlers and took part in a number of activities aimed at inspiring our term of adventure writing. Wood cutting and damper making were highlights for us all.

Our next adventure was Year 3 Camp which we were all very excited about! Camp Arrabri was freezing cold but action-packed. We took part in archery, the flying fox, ropes courses, the giant swing, gold panning, orienteering, mini golf and even a night walk (with marshmallows to roast around a HUGE fire!) We had a great time and were all thoroughly exhausted by the time we boarded Puffing Billy to journey home.

Our City Explorer adventure was a huge day out testing our map reading skills to complete a treasure hunt in the CBD. We had a fantastic day out exploring China Town, Flagstaff Gardens and Bourke St Mall. We followed the mapping directions and solved the clues to reach our next destination.

A term of adventure would not be complete without writing adventure stories. Our main challenge for the term was to write our very own Choose Your Own Adventure novels and get them published. We began the term reading as many CYOA texts as we could so that we were familiar with the text type, inspired to write and full of ideas. Writing a CYOA story is complicated and involved lots of collaboration and teamwork to ensure all our ideas fit together. We have been working nonstop for the past ten weeks and we cannot wait to share our stories with you all.

Our MakerSpace project this term has been to build wooden street libraries. We have spent a lot of time researching designs, testing materials and finally building the libraries. A street library is placed in a public location full of secondhand books. Anyone can take a book or drop off a book and share the joy of reading with their local community. We look forward to placing our street libraries around Canterbury early in Term 4.

To celebrate the end of our term of adventure, Year 3 traveled to the city one more time to get arty at ArtVo, We loved the large-scale paintings and artworks to photograph ourselves in all kinds of settings, This was a great way to end an awesome term of Year 3.

(Check out our Street Library trailer here)


Year 4 

Year 4 students became TV stars this term! The Year 4 TV project emerged from their love for YouTube and interest in writing scripts and procedural texts. The categories for their videos were ‘4 Entertainment, 4 How To, 4 Cooking, 4 Sport and 4 Reviews. They learned from professional directors, camera operators and YouTube hosts. They developed their skills in idea generation, storyboarding, scripting, vocabulary, sentence structure and using a rubric to track their progress and give feedback. Videos were shared with experts in the field and our school community.

Our Science project this term focused on forces and energy, specifically gravity, friction, potential and kinetic energy. Students followed the Maker Cycle, designing, building, testing and modifying Pinewood Derby cars to improve the speed. Students prepared their cars to race on a 30-metre track, investigating how friction, gravity, wind resistance and downward force affects the speed of their cars. Students painted their cars and put the finishing touches on ready for the main event in Week 9. Victoria Police also came to the event to measure the speed of the Pinewood Derby cars – some cars tracked over 8 km/h! Here is a video about this project: https://vimeo.com/289817356

In the Makerspace Kitchen, students made gyoza, banana muffins, fresh pasta and cheesecakes. They worked collaboratively to read and follow recipes and innovate with different flavours.