Term 4 2018

Throughout Term 2, Leadership Centre worked together to create an immersive and engaging Marketplace experience. We kicked off the semester with a ‘Teacher’s Marketplace’ immersion day, where the students were able to use their ‘Canterbury cash’ to purchase an entry into experiences including fashion design, photography, floral arrangements, making toys, creating cosmetics and cooking chocolate. Filled with ideas, students worked in small groups and created a ‘Paper Marketplace’. Students were responsible for working with their peers to design, promote and run a business. They strategically chose the type of business based on market demand and planned effectively for profit. In addition to running their business, students also had to make and maintain individual budgets to purchase everyday items for their dream house as well as everyday essentials such as food and petrol.

In Week 3 the whole Year 5 & 6 cohort travelled to Caribbean Markets and Knox Shopping Centre to investigate how real businesses and salespeople organise and promote their products. Students learnt to bargain, analysed sales techniques and compared and contrasted traditional marketplaces with more modern shopping centres. Throughout the term we also had a visit from Talia, a 13 year old entrepreneur who runs her own earring business called La Chica. Talia gave the students some advice on running your own business and creating new products.

The second half of the semester saw students apply their knowledge from the Paper Marketplace, excursions and incursions to create a new business to sell real products. Students hunted for value for money purchases, worked within a budget and delegated roles to successfully create their businesses. The semester culminated with the CPS Maker Market, which was an enormous success. The Leadership Centre was packed with shoppers hunting for a bargain and plenty of people went away happy with their slime, pillows, succulents, body scrubs and other assorted goodies created by the CPS students.

Year 5 and 6 have both had extremely engaging units learning about Earth and space. In Year 6, students studied the essential factors for life – light, air, water, nutrients and space. They designed an experiment involving spinach seedlings and controlled the input of one of the factors to the plant. Students were able to reflect on which of the essential factors was most important. In Year 5, students produced an ‘Interstellar Investigation’ in which they posed a question they had about space, conducted research, presented their learning using different media and determined their own assessment criteria. Students also presented facts about space using unusual units of measurement, such as calculating how many movies you could watch in the time it took to fly to the Moon.

Another highlight in the Leadership Centre was the Year 6 camp to Alexandra Adventure Resort. Students braved the chilly weather to participate in a range of activities including the giant swing, canoeing, raft building, archery and the leap of faith. A highlight of the trip was a challenging hike through the Cathedral Ranges.

The Leadership Centre has had a fabulous first semester. We’d love to thank all the Leadership Centre families and friends for your ongoing support. We can’t wait for Term 3’s adventures to begin!