The Leadership Centre has started the year with a number of engaging experiences. Here are some student reflections on the learning this term.

Marketplace – Term One economics project

“I have learned how to shop better by being a careful customer. I look for items I need and low prices, rather than really expensive items that are out of my price range.”

“I have really enjoyed being the banker because I get to hand out the money and offer a service to my classmates. It makes me feel a little stressed when there is high demand but I enjoy doing the job.”

“Marketplace has been great and I am looking forward to it next term because I get to continue to build and fill my house and grow my business.”

“Marketplace has been a really big learning experience to learn how profit and loss works in zone financial. It makes me reflect on how I use my money and whether or not I am spending well.”

“We’ve been learning about GST, mark-ups and discounts and how to calculate percentage profits.”

“This sort of maths prepares you for the future, especially if you work in business.”

“I was banker and had to manage everyone’s money, including deposits, withdrawals and managing their accounts on Excel. It was quite a good role because I didn’t pay rent on my business and I got paid $1000 a week from the government. Marketplace is really fun.”

“I learned that you are more attracted to colourful shops with bright displays.”

“Different colours mean different things in advertising. Blue gives shoppers a feeling of trust, purple represents creativity and red excites shoppers, think about McDonalds, Coca Cola, Target and Coles.”


Empathy Project and NGV Wei Wei / Andy Warhol Exhibition

“So far I have enjoyed the empathy project, making your art work and sharing ideas with others. It has motivated me after Mr Yoos told us our work might get shown in the art show. The coolest piece of art at the exhibition was the bicycles towering on top of each other. Ai Wei Wei has a strong personal opinion and expresses it through his art work. Andy Warhol has inspired Ai Wei Wei and changed American art in the sixties and seventies.”

“At the Ai Wei Wei and Andy Warhol excursion I had lots of fun and I learned heaps. I learned that:

  • Ai Wei Wei was inspired by Andy Warhol
  • They never met
  • I learned all about pop art and pop stands for popular
  • They went to each other’s countries – Ai Wei Wei went to jail for 82 days
  • When Ai Wei Wei was in jail no one could find Ai Wei Wei and when they realised he was in jail people started putting billboards up

My highlight of the excursion was all the awesome art work everyone did.”


Tiny Towns – Year Six Applied Maths Project

“The Tiny Towns project has been really engaging. I’ve enjoyed constructing a local skate park.”

“Tiny Towns is a fantastic learning opportunity because we have been able to apply maths to a real-life project.”

“It is very fun and unique as it is not something that you would expect to do at school.”


Parliament has started in Year Six. Parliament will be held every fortnight and all ministers are invited to share their portfolio with other members and backbenchers. Question time will be offered to all students where they ask anything of their peers, teachers or the school leadership team.


Interschool Sport

“I played Kanga Cricket and I liked competing against other schools because it’s great to meet new people.”

“Students have been playing tee-ball, bat tennis, rounders and cricket. It’s not always about winning but having fun and learning a new sport.”

“Everyone cheers for each other in interschool sport and its really encouraging.”