Term 4 2018

We have had an engaging and productive Term One in the Leadership Centre, with a highlight being the school-wide Comic Con Expo on Wednesday.  The day marked the culmination of a term’s work in building wellbeing and community values, both within year levels and across the school.  We hope that the strong foundation we have formed around our school values will support our learning for the remainder of the year.

We would like to thank parents and friends of the community who supported the Comic Con project so wholeheartedly, whether it be through sharing their sewing expertise with students, or attending the parade or a student run workshop on Expo day.  The experiences that students had during the Expo were dynamic and engaging.  Some of the workshops that the Year Five and Six students shared were making people ‘fly’ using the green screen, writing character origin stories, making super slime, creating wearable tech badges, using dash and dot robots to navigate mazes and decoding messages in comic books.

This term, we have established zoned classes in the Mathematics area of Number, as well as in Reading.  Year Sixes have also participated in Writing Workshop lessons, in which they focussed on developing specific skills, whilst Year Five students enhanced their Writing skills across a range of areas within their home group classes.  All Leadership Centre students have explored topics across various curriculum areas this term, including Science, the Humanities and Technology.