Words by William and George
Photos captured by Ella and Ruby

Throughout Term 3 C.P.S have joined forces with students from Ringwood North and Chatham in a project known as Young Minds of the Future. This project is about creating inventions and prototypes that could one day change the world. Throughout the process, students improved their skills in building, creating, critical thinking, research and working in teams. Canterbury Primary School hosted the event on the 9th of September. The purpose of this project was to encourage students to envision the future in their own way, doing this helps improve their ability to innovate and create.

There was a organising committee. Some of their responsibilities were designing the logo, organising the show bags, creating the map, contacting the media and experts and helping other students solve problems with their project.

The Department of Education filmed the event to document the learning and collaboration that took part across the schools. We were excited to student projects from Swinburne University. They brought a robot that was programmed to play Guitar Hero.

Students spoke to us about YMOTF and their unique projects…

Kitty + Laura
We made a model of an underground house. We have made an underground house to save space. We have enjoyed making our info board and making our model house.

Jess + Eyrn
We made a glow in the dark basketball court with a solar powered hoop to make basketball more fun when it’s dark.

Jenni and Molly
We made a solar powered kitchen and we have made this to save electricity and it is cheaper than a standard kitchen. We really enjoyed testing the solar oven and seeing if it worked or not with chocolates and marshmallows, and it worked 👍

Mischa and Felicity
We built a compact house that can fit in small areas such as alleyways. We think this will help the future because space is slowly becoming more and more limited. We really enjoyed using Tinkercad 3D design software and using different sorts of technology.

Jess D and Emily
We created a sustainable house because in the future the world will need homes built from sustainable materials. We have really enjoyed building the home and making the info board.

Jasmin, Inez and Hettie
We made wake-up scrubs and they are Super Food facial scrubs. Super Foods are only on your plate so we have developed an alternative way of using them. We made scrubs out of natural products because we believe facial scrubs form your local supermarket have too many dangerous chemicals in them. We have enjoyed creating the boards and getting sponsorships from a range of different companies.

Alex and Alice and Sophie
We made a model of a football ground with futuristic features. Our umpires have jet packs and we built a coaches lift so they can avoid the fans. We are passionate about footy and know other people enjoy it too. We enjoyed making the prototype of the model.

I made a light pot that can tell you when your plant is dehydrated, it will help the future because there will be less water and plants, I have enjoyed building it.