Term 4 2018

Term Two was quite enjoyable overall. There were multiple projects including Pop Up. In Pop Up, we needed to run our own successful restaurant. This included multiple elements from ordering the food within budget to submitting our own business proposals. I was the Maître de. My job was to ensure that on the night all the waiters knew what they were doing and to deal with any problems that may arise in the restaurant. The night was a big success, all of our tables were booked, some people even tried to sneak in a booking. We spent an entire day preparing and cooking. It was so nice to see that our hard work paid off.

This term in Science we focused on the science inquiry cycle. I worked with Maddy. Our experiment was to test the flexibility of toffee. We used four different types of sugar to make our toffee. Then we snapped the toffee to see if the different types of sugar made a difference. Might I just say the toffee was very tasty.

Term Two taught me many things including how hard it is to run a restaurant. The highlight for me was Pop Up, doing anything to everything. Our CEO became a cook for a while! I look forward to what Term Three has to offer.

Felicity, L6H

I really enjoyed camp, because we got to learn lots of new camp activities. Plus sleeping with people in my cabin that I don’t ever sleep with!

I loved camp because of how encouraging the staff members were when someone was too scared to have a go on a high activity such as the high ropes, rock climbing and many more. They motivate kids to do better.

I had lots of fun doing Canterbury Couch Television because we got to play a role or a review segment. I really liked our group “the review group” because everyone was super encouraging when someone got something wrong. I loved being cameraman because everyone had to work when I was just sitting down on a comfortable chair pressing down on a button to make the camera start recording! It was fun!

I loved attending the swimming carnival because swimming is a very competitive sport and I am a very competitive person so that was a great match for me. Coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd was a real goal for me! Every year we do swimming and I love seeing everyone that doesn’t like swimming still trying their best, which was great.

I am looking forward to what Term Three will be!

Josh, L6T

Term Two is probably the best term ever in all of my school life. It has been very exciting since we got to go to Scienceworks. I enjoyed Inter School sport because we smashed Netball, I love it even though I had to swap between teams a lot. I also really liked Canterbury Records because there were lots of records to break and it was very fun to organise records and break them yourself. Something interesting was that we won the debate against L6T even though they said they would win! The only bad thing about Term two is that it ended!

Maddie, L5Q

Canterbury Records was the Year Five project this term. This was a fantastic project. We were pushed outside our comfort zone and used different skills such as collaboration and communication, making for a great day. We broke our previous record of lying on the ground, playing an air trombone while singing the ABC, it was hilarious. After the extravaganza, we finally made it with a huge improvement of a whopping 122 people. After this, we recorded the data in graphs and calculated the mean, median and mode. We then uploaded it to our Canterbury Records app. For Canterbury Records, our writing topics were narrative and news articles. In the narrative we wrote our own story, having mini lessons on starting sentences in different ways, using descriptive language to build suspense, emotional language, verbs, adjectives, prepositions and many more. Miss Ross gave us all personal writing goals to work on. Another fantastic topic was our newspaper article. This was a great learning experience as the students had to follow a rubric we made to create an eye-catching template that included features such as captions, quotes, a byline, headings, and subheadings. We had a time frame to publish our newspapers. It was a good challenge because it kept us organised and prepared us for bigger challenges in the future. This was such a fun learning experience and it left us all feeling very accomplished! One of our highlights for the term was when we made rainbow jelly. We made our design and estimated then measured how many millilitres of each colour we would need. It was delicious!

Bella and Aimee, L5R

It has been a fantastic term in L5D we have improved in our writing skills tremendously and have been practising our persuasive pieces, our news reports and text responses.

Our main focus this term has been around Guinness World records. In Maths, we have been challenging ourselves with questions involving measurement and volume like our most recent project, the Jelly Investigation.  Our goal for the Jelly Investigation was to find what amount of volume was needed to either get even colour bands, or decreasing or increasing effects.

In Makerspace, we were divided into three groups, sewing, cooking and coding.  The cooking group was very independent by choosing their own recipes and sharing their own tips and tricks. The sewing group had a free choice make with their goal being to sew a marketable product. The coding group had a shot at coding their own Spheros and drones to complete actions such as flipping, rolling and turning.

Bianca, L5D