Year Three

It was a busy term for the Year Three students, continuing with their investigation on animals. Working on procedural writing and poetry and catching the train to the city for their excursion.


We took the train to the Museum to see the Jurassic World Exhibition. It was really fun seeing the electronic/puppet dinosaurs. They were as big as a house. The megalodon was as tall as a fire truck and my favourite was the T-Rex. It wasn’t scary, it was exciting! – Murdock

We went to Imax and the Museum. We saw the 3D movie call Tiny Giants. It was about a small squirrel and a little mouse. They had to try to survive from the bigger animals. The best part was when the squirrel had his acorn collection stolen. The 3D was fun because you could try to grab the stuff in front of you. – Howie

Animal Expo

We held an Expo to show the school our projects about animals. We all chose an animal and then chose how to present the project. We made posters, models, PowerPoints, Kahoots and habitats. The Expo was a success. Lots of people came to see the Year Three projects during the day, it was great. – Lucy


We made lava lamps with the Year Fives. We filled half the bottle with water and then added oil. Then we coloured it and added a fizzy tablet. It was cool watching it fizzle just like a real lava lamp. The Year Five students were good teachers for us. We loved their movies on science experiments. – Asta

Year Four

It’s been an exciting term for the Year Fours with camp, the swimming carnival and of course, the marvellous Canterbury’s Got Talent.

Camp Rumbug

Camp was an amazing experience! We got to go on walks through a world of nature and got to do fun team challenges within our groups. We also got to eat yummy marshmallows that we roasted over a camp fire. It was so awesome! I can’t wait for Year Five camp. – Belle

I had an awesome experience with all of my class mates on camp. We did lots of team challenges and cooperated so no one was left out. I also had a lot of great people in my cabin and made new friends! I had the most fun in the mud run, but I was frozen after because the mud was so cold. – Gordon

Swimming Carnival

The Swimming Carnival was so much fun. We were all so nervous on the bus ride there because we had so many great swimmers. It was an exciting day. There was lots of cheering, house points and splashing. It was just spectacular! – Anton

Canterbury’s Got Talent

I really enjoyed organising the night, making our acts and the big lead up. It was amazing seeing everyone else showing their talent. Canterbury’s Got Talent was really fun and I loved it! – Gabi

It was a fabulous experience planning and creating our dream act. I had a great time creating the performance and I hope we do something like it again soon. – George

It was amazing getting up on stage and sharing our film. Introducing it was scary though. We made a film about a murder and it was a huge success (sigh of relief). I really enjoyed Canterbury’s Got Talent and would like to do something like that again! – Harry