Term 4 2018

The Innovation Centre began Term 2 with a series of Project Launch days focusing on sustainability, recycling, and alternative energy sources. During these days students completed a range of hands-on learning experiences including developing a sustainable energy source, creating upcycling designs, filtering water in a water pollution stimulation and a walk to South Surrey Park. The Project Launch days were fun, engaging and a perfect start to what was to become “Choose Your Future”.

During Term 2, the Innovation Centre visited McClelland Sculpture Park to see the large-scale sculptures positioned throughout the park. Year 3 and Year 4 visited the park to find inspiration and ideas to use in their own work. Students loved being outdoors and admiring the size and shape of all the unique works of art. Inspired by what they saw, students returned to school and Choose Your Future begun to take shape.

Students worked throughout Term 2 to create an interactive experience for the school community. Choose Your Future was an interactive and engaging way to share the learning and educate the community. Students wanted to encourage the CPS community to examine their own choices and see the way in which our individual actions today will impact the future. Choose Your Future involved the creation of four futures plus three interactive challenges for visitors to take part in. Students worked collaboratively in cross-level action teams to bring their vision to life. Each week, teams would meet to design, organize and promote the event. Action teams responsible for the event challenges devised systems and processes to bring the concept to life.

Innovation looks forward to another term of challenging, engaging learning to share with the wider community in Term 3.