What a fantastic start to 2016!

The Year Three classes have loved learning about ‘chickens’, specifically the life cycle from hatching to chicks. The major highlight for the students this Term was the living eggs program, which was a big hit across the whole school! 10 eggs arrived in the incubator and hatched during the week. They were then moved to the brooder box and the chicks became very good at being held by class after class of excited students. Year Threes were tasked with the challenge of measuring the chicken coop and planning the things that it will need, showing their resourcefulness and creativity. The students are looking forward to their very first eggs!

“My favourite thing we did this term was working on the Hatching room and putting a PowerPoint together about the life cycle of an egg, we got the room decorated and ready for the eggs to arrive.” Ivy, Yr 3

“We did a science experiment where we melted and froze different products like water, butter and honey. We also turned milk and sugar into ice-cream. It was tricky making the hypothesis, but I got one guess correct.” Lewis, Yr 3

“In Applied Maths this term we have been learning how to measure the area and perimeter. We went out to the coop and measured how many chickens could fit in there. We drew 3D nesting boxes to see how big a box should be.” Asta, Yr 3

“In Literacy we have been doing snapshots, stories and sizzling starts. We have done persuading and arguing too. Each argument gets more important from the ideas in our heads. Two people buddy edit together and check the writing.” Rupeni, Yr 3


The Year Four classes have been working hard on learning and refining new skills for Canterbury’s Got Talent. Here is a snapshot of the workshops this term!

“Our teachers led a film and photography workshop. I liked the workshop as I got to work with my friends and we worked really well. I learnt how to film from different angles which made my video more interesting.” Olivia, I4M

“We got to use clay, lego and paper to create animations. Our animation was about three swimmers who find a portal to a world where they are famous!.” Miette, I4W

“The Amazing Adam came in and taught us how to do magic tricks with cards, jumping dots and match boxes. We practised and showed these to our Year One buddies.” Cassie, I4W

“We had a clown from Cirque du Soleil come in to teach us about comedy. We learnt that ‘silly is not funny’ and how to follow an invisible piece of string. ” Maddy, I4M

“The Little Devils Circus came in and taught us how to use diabolos, hula-hoops, devil sticks and balances. Our classes had a fantastic time doing it and other classes did too. I really want to run away and join the circus now!” – Lilly, I4S

“In the acting workshops we mixed our classes together and played theatre sports! We also choreographed the school song and wrote scripts of fairy tale adaptations.” – Yannik and Anton I4S

“We learnt a hiphop routine which included the scuff back, the dust the shoulder, the jacket on and the top rock. We also learnt about the King of Rock, the King of Pop and the wonderful Fred Astaire!” Maddie, I4K


The Year Four students have also been engaged in their Applied Maths, planning their ideal classroom. This has included measuring and drawing the floor plan, furniture arrangement and design, including the Hollywood Wall of Fame and the Funville Park.