Term 4 2018

It has been an exciting start to the year with the whole school engaging in Comic Con. Below are some of our students’ reflections.


Year Three

For Comic Con, we learned that you don’t need superpowers to be a superhero. We looked at how we all have superhero character strengths like perseverance, creativity and bravery. We designed and created our own super tools on Tinkercad. I created a 3-dimensional crystal that when you hold it, gives you wonderful ideas. – Tate, Year 3

Our class looked at why superfoods are super! This term we worked in groups to become experts on our superfood. My group looked at berries and we created a recipe book. Other groups looked at other superfoods like eggs, avocados and bananas. Every group made something different. Some groups made websites, some made colouring fact sheets and some made posters. We even invited our parents in to see what we had been doing. It was a lot of fun. – Holly, Year 3

Comic Con was a lot of fun. We looked at superheroes and comic books. I like comic books and don’t really see them at the supermarket anymore. Everyone in our class made a comic book. We did a lot of work on these. We learned about using lots of colours to make the comics stand out and to be careful when stapling so you don’t staple over certain letters. – Alison, Year 3


Year 4

Our class looked at the Justice League, focusing on fairness, kindness, justice and good manners. We had three missions we needed to complete over the term. The first mission was to create an iMovie or poster about one of the values. Our second mission was to complete a random act of kindness in the yard every week. Our last mission was to join with another group and create something that reflected our values. One group made a comic and an animation and another group taught the class how to make friendship bracelets. I noticed that we all showed a lot of leadership and kindness to each other. – Georgia, Year 4

Our class created a big superhero and wrote who our everyday hero was and why. We also looked at comic books and animations. We created stop motions about superheroes using clay, humans and whiteboards. We even made our own costumes and learned how to sew. For our capes we learned how to stitch to gather the fabric up. We also learned how to make cuffs with buttons. – Lucy, Year 4

Comic Con was so much fun. We started the day with a parade and looked at everyone’s costume designs. After this, we showed our parents what we had been learning about in class. Then we taught the Preps and Year 3s how to make animations. We ended the day by playing coding board games with the Year 2s and Year 5s. It was a very fun day. – Lewis, Year 4