Term 4 2018

What a fantastic year in the Innovation Centre! Read some of our students’ highlights from the term.

Year Three

Aboriginal Incursion

‘This Term, the Year Threes have been learning about Aboriginal history. We had an awesome Indigenous incursion run by Pancakes, Azza and Big Al. Pancakes taught us how to play the didgeridoo and how to perform some Aboriginal dances. Azza taught us how to make artworks and stories using symbols. Big Al also told us exciting Indigenous stories. My favourite was about the crocodile, Bookamore, which was spine chilling. At the end of the day, we participated in a dance. We made some amazing memories.’  – Caroline

Melbourne Museum

‘The Year Threes went on an excursion to Melbourne Museum. We learned about Indigenous Australians from different parts of Victoria. We also visited the ‘Melbourne Story’ exhibit and learned about different time frames in Melbourne. A highlight for me was the tour led by an Indigenous woman. We learned about lots of cool things that Aborigines used and how they lived.’  – Alice

Solar Boats

‘This term, we made solar boats. Our first step was to research about boats and solar power. We then brainstormed all the different experiment questions we could think of and picked our favourite. My group’s question was, ‘Does the size of the propeller affect the speed of the boat?’. We used our prior knowledge of boats and scientific concepts to make an informed prediction. To construct our boats, we used balsa wood, a motor and solar panels.Our next step was to test our designs. We conducted two tests, using two different size propellers.We then analysed our results and put them in a graph. In this project, we developed our Science inquiry skills such as questioning, predicting, testing and analysing results.’  – Jasper

Mr Egg

‘In STEM, we did a project called ‘Mr Egg’. We made a device that helped land an egg safely and slowly when it was dropped from a 2.6 metre height. We made this device because it was our Science inquiry goal to try to create a device that would prevent our egg from cracking when it hit the ground. Our prediction was to use lighter materials as this would allow our egg to fall slower.’ – Thomas, Samuel & Lachlan


‘In Term Four, we went on an excursion to Taskworks. We did lots of fun things such as build giant robots and dress up as rock stars, monsters, princesses and knights. We played all of these fun games like Stomp-a-Stump. In Stomp-a-Stump, there are these green stumps that rise and you have to stomp on them to gain a point. We also did lots of puzzles like trying to make a square out of different objects. It was so much fun.’ – Milly

Year Four

Shark Tank

‘We finished our Shark Tank projects this term. We had to design an invention or innovation. We presented our ideas to a panel of ‘sharks’ which were some Canterbury parents. We put together a presentation of our invention using three-dimensional printing, wood or paint. Some groups were even chosen to show their work at the ‘Maker Night’. I designed something called the ‘reaching hand’ which helps little kids reach things when adults aren’t around. People in wheelchairs can also use it to reach things up high and down below.’ – Olivia

Kitchen Chemistry

‘This term in the Maker Space, we baked meringues, lemon cake, fruit tarts and cookies. While our sweets were cooking in the oven, we did little experiments outside. These experiments were related to the foods we were cooking because we were looking at how the ingredients mixed and reacted to each other. For example, we looked at how the gas of the vinegar would change in the oven outside by making a balloon blow up with vinegar and baking powder. A highlight was making the fruit tarts because we made a crunchy base with a soft top that were delicious.’ – Grace


‘This term, in our Science unit, we looked at Forensic Science. We learned how to identify DNA and fingerprints. It was very interesting, especially at the end when we had an incursion. In the incursion, we had to solve a crime about a boy who went missing and left a lot of clues. We all enjoyed it very much and learned a lot.’  – Yasmin

Greek History

‘This term, we have been learning about Greek history. We learned about the different Greek Gods and their powers. We also looked at how people keep finding artefacts in Greece today such as mosaics. We even got to create our own mosaics. Throughout the unit, we had an Olympic contest where you had to get as many medals as possible. You could earn a medal by participating in an event or showing teamwork, resilience or integrity.’ – Marcus


‘We focused on mindfulness a lot this term. We did lots of different activities, like board games, yoga and listening tasks. Some of these were a bit hard, but we have had so much fun. Mindfulness helped us to focus and to relax. We have learned lots of stuff about mindfulness.’ – Angela


‘We went on an excursion to Sea Life to learn about different animals. We found out that crocodiles can grow to 6.5 feet long. They can also go for up to one year without eating. We also looked at a long neck turtle which has an extremely long neck. I really liked watching the penguins dive into the water. I like the way they move and flap their fins up and down.’ – Finn