Term 4 2018



‘We went on our first school camp to Camp Arrabri. My favourite memory was the giant swing. At first I kept getting butterflies. I remember slowly walking up to the swing and putting on my harness. As I moved towards the ladder the man yelled “Brace!”. All of a sudden my stomach dropped. I was flying like a bird. Wind was blowing in my face. I was so relieved it was over but I was also filled with excitement.’    – Willis


‘This term we became Zoologists. We created our own zoo in our classroom and invited our parents along to see it! We focused on reptiles, amphibians and birds. We wrote lots of different pieces including a business plan and magazine article. We made little briefcases which held all of our documents. We also used maths to measure and design our habitats. Zoology was really fun and I wish we could continue it.’  – Remi


‘In STEM, we did a ‘Bounce and Roll’ project. We got to conduct and test different experiments using balls made from different materials and different sizes. We were looking at how high they bounced or how far they rolled. I think it was really fun and very creative.’    – Lucas



UN Project

‘We continued investigating different countries around the world through our UN project. The UN is a group of countries who get together to discuss world problems and try to solve them. In class, we researched about a country and some of us presented on what was wrong such as wars or problems with children and the environment. We voted on the most serious issue and discussed how we could solve this problem. I enjoyed it because I learned a lot about my own and other countries.’    – Lucy


‘In Year Four we’ve been doing a ‘Shark Tank’ unit where we got to identify a problem and create a product or service to solve this problem. We’ve been focusing on financial literacy, looking at how much it will cost to make our invention. We got to make a business plan which included details such as promotion and where we are going to sell it. Our class created amazing inventions including phone cases, alternative bags (no plastic) and prosthetic hands. Our purpose was to improve and help our world. It was so much fun.’    – Ruby

Writing Workshop

‘I have really enjoyed Writing this term, particularly Writing Workshops. We got to work with different teachers and improve our writing. Some of the workshops included ‘Show, Don’t Tell’, writing sizzling starts and choosing our vocabulary carefully. I really liked the Writing Workshops because we got to learn about the different parts of the writing process.’    – Lauren