Term 4 2018

Innovation Centre Term Two Reflection

Term Two in the Innovation Centre has been full of rich and authentic learning experiences. Both the Year Three and Year Four students engaged in travel units. The Year Threes explored tourism within Melbourne, completing an internship at ‘CPS Travel’, whilst the Year Fours explored tourism on a global level through their ‘Ambassadors of the World’ project.

Below are some of the students’ reflections from the term.

Year Three

CPS Travel

‘In Year Three, we completed an internship at ‘CPS Travel’. It was very enjoyable because we got to learn all about Melbourne. Each group explored a different precinct. We discovered that our precincts include many different cultures such as Vietnamese, Italian, Chinese and also art. Each group planned their own walking tour using a map. We also made timetables to show what time the walking tour started and ended. It has been a great experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed what we have done so far.’ – Henry

Street Art Incursion

‘We had a street art incursion to help us learn about Melbourne culture. We learned how to spray-paint, using different techniques and cool stencils. One technique we learned how to do was to fade.This is where we blend two colours together, going dark into light. I thought it was quite fun making all the different spray-paint pictures.’ – Xavier

Vehicle Variation

‘In STEM, we did a ‘Vehicle Variation’ project. We got to make cars using recycled materials like foam, boxes, bottle caps and discs. We came up with our own investigation question which involved changing something in our car design. My question was “Does the size of the wheels make the car go further?”. We built and tested the cars, made changes and tested them again. It was a lot of fun.’ – Jasper

Year Four

Ambassadors of the World

‘In Year Four we did an ‘Ambassadors of the World’ project where we all got to study a country of our choice. We had an expo at the end for our friends and family to attend where we showed off our learning. I chose the country Zimbabwe because I didn’t really know anything about it. I chose this because I wanted to learn a lot. We all created Writing pieces and physical elements. I was really proud of my information report and persuasive piece persuading people to come to Zimbabwe. I was also proud of my physical element. I created a diorama of Victoria Falls which is famous for bungy jumping.’ – Byron

Toy Project

‘In the Makerspace we have been designing our own toys. Not only is it fun, but it is also a big physical test. In each session we did something physical like sawing wood, cutting things or gluing materials. Designing also includes a lot of measuring. I made a toy car. I made wheels out of wood. I found this really challenging because it was hard making the wheels perfect circles and making them all the same size. Some people made lolly machines and others made car tracks that connected together.’ – Olivia


‘For Year Four Camp we went to Phillip Island. There were lots of cool and fun activities like the flying fox. Even the teachers went on the flying fox and they looked like they were having so much fun. The best part of camp was all the support I got from my friends in trying something new like the giant swing. I was so scared but I was so proud of myself when I did it. I felt so happy. I also loved the beach walk. We all went on the playground boat and sand ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’. Camp was so much fun!.’ – Isabella