Term 4 2018

In the Discovery Centre this term, as part of our STEM unit, we looked at the impact that plastic bags have on the environment and how reusable bags can help reduce waste.  Woolworths and Coles have announced that they will be ‘banning the plastic bag’ by 2018 so we thought it was a good opportunity to design, make and use our own reusable bags.  The students enjoyed choosing their materials and were lucky enough to have wonderful volunteers offering to sew our bags for us.

‘I liked making my own bag and using it to shop.’ Emily R DOR

Once our bags were made we ventured down to Woolworths, Middle Camberwell for a tour of the bakery, fruit tasting and purchasing some fruit to put into our bags.

I really enjoyed buying fruit at Woolies because it was all so fresh!‘ Stella D0M

We went to Woolworths and I liked seeing the bakery because they gave us some rolls.’ Jessica DOR

‘We got to try different fruit when we visited Woolies, I like the grapes the best.’ Poppy D0A

My favourite part of our excursion was when we got to buy the food, I bought a cucumber, strawberries and an apple.’ Jack K D0S

The Royal Flying Doctors came to visit us with their plane as part of our Prepland experience.  The plane had a simulator that allowed the children to ‘fly’ and experience being a pilot.  They were also allowed to walk through the plane and look at the different medical equipment needed to help people living in the remote communities of Australia.

It was so cool when I tried on the stethoscope on the plane.’ Sophie D0M

‘I got to fly the plane, it was so cool!‘ Maximas D0A

‘I like it that I got to drive the plane. But I really liked the photo of me looking out the window.’ Felix D0S

I thought the Royal Flying Doctors gave us the opportunity to feel like we were flying.’ Robbie DOR

We posed the question to the students ‘if you could do any job when you grow up, what would you do?’  We brainstormed areas of interest and soon created our very own Prepland community.  The students worked busily to design and make products for their stores, decided on pricing, uniforms and information booklets.  We had the bakery, art gallery, sports centre, café, food market, train station, town planning, jewellers, travel agents, vet clinic, toy shop, medical clinic, bank and lolly shop.  Each of these stores went on their very own excursion to experience what those stores/ centres looked like, what products they stocked and what they provided for own community.

My favourite part of Prepland was visiting the lolly shop and going to the South Melbourne Market.’ Angus

I went on a walking tour to the local vet and the best part was when I saw two dogs, one big and one little.’ Harry C D0A

When we visited the markets, we got to see different sausages, lollies and lots of fruit.’ Josh D0S

‘I liked walking to the vet clinic to see the little animals.’ Arya DOR

The Prepland Expo showcased just how hard the children worked on their stores/centres over the term.  Parents/guests were able to withdraw money from the bank to make in house purchases.  What a fun afternoon!

‘I had fun serving at Sports Magic, it was great to sell our products. I especially liked when Mum bought something from me.’ Ben D0M

I really liked asking my patients questions about their sickness when I was working in the medical centre.’ Charlotte M D0A

My favourite part of Prepland was when our families came to visit. I made lots of things for the toy shop, I was proud of my Pikachu.’ Elke D0S