This term has been another busy one in the Creativity Centre, here are some highlights from students.

‘Going to the beach as the best. We learned about being at the beach’ – Felix

‘I liked writing the newspaper this term because I got to write news and find out new information and use Twitter. I also liked coding, it was cool’ – Josh

‘The Year 2 sleepover was the best thing this term, I really liked the projects like the newspaper too’ – Estelle

‘Choice writing is always fun’ – Nick

‘I liked seeing the kinder kids and it was fun sharing my book with my sister’ – Emma N

‘My favourite thing this term was the C1J Rockstar concert because I thought it was fun making the instruments and performing in front of parents’ – Milla

The best things about this term were the Year 2 sleepover and coding, especially using Code bot’ – Tom

‘The best thing this term has been the Year 2 sleepover and coding. I’m excited about Christmas holidays too’ – Charles

‘I am enjoying everything this term! I have loved going swimming, the beach excursion and dancing with all the Year Ones’ – Kaitlyn

‘This term has been fun because of the things we don’t do all the time like the Year 2 sleepover. I liked using Storybird too because Tom and I wrote a funny story called The Terrible Scientist’ – Yasmin

‘My favourite part of term was going to IMAX because we got to see a movie about the Great Barrier Reef in 3D’ – Emily and Lenny

‘The best part of term was making our own books because we had a choice about what could write about’ – Lucinda and Oliver

‘This term the best thing was coding and using lots of technology. The sleepover was fun too’ – Roman

‘I enjoyed reading because there are lots of interesting facts’ – Charlie

‘I really like daily maths because we got to play fun maths games and going to IMAX was fun because a sea lion kissed the screen and it made it look like it kissed us’ – Holly

‘I liked making the shadow boxes and puppets. I enjoyed sharing my work with my mates’ – Harrison

‘I felt proud when C1W won the Golden Shoe for Walktober. I like to walk to school’ – Emma S

‘I love C1J Rockstars because me, Alison and Greg made a very big drum and it was so creative. Miss Wilson helped me make a cool trumpet which makes different sounds’- Charlie