What a great start the Preps have had in 2016!

This term students have been able to follow their interests in Discovery Learning by turning our spaces into a train network and museum. Students created an underground city loop tunnel in D0I/A and a T-Rex commonly known as Rexy (among other dinosaurs) in D0S/W.

Our excursion to Diamond Valley Railway was a highlight for many preps this term. Students went for a bush walk, played on a huge playground and had two rides on a miniature train.

This term, students have also been involved in hands on Language Experiences to investigate the letters of the alphabet. Students made messy mud, popped popcorn, blew bubbles and danced at a disco. They also yelled a yodel at Mr Wells and Mrs Mackey. This was a highlight.

Preps enjoyed meeting their buddies this term. The students have loved building connections with the leaders of the school and have developed some great relationships. Students always look forward to Buddy Day when they can play with their buddies at lunch.


Our excursion

‘The trains went really fast around the corners and when we went through the tunnels we screamed.’ Ashton

‘I liked the train because it was fast and the tunnel was really dark.’ Cecile


Language Experience

‘I liked yelling a yodel because we scared Mr Wells and Mrs Mackey and it was fun. I really like Mr Wells and Mrs Mackey.’ Lucia

‘We popped popcorn in a machine because it was a special day. It was the P day.’ Nicholas

‘We do our experiences to write about them because everyone in Prep is learning to write words.’ Michael


Discovery Learning

‘I love making dinosaurs like Rexy because it’s fun to use the boxes and cut things and glue things.’ Blair

‘The best thing about Discovery Learning is building and designing the trains.’ Thomas D



‘I really like my buddy when we play Tiggy’ Malo

‘I like it because it just fills me with happy because I am with them’ Finley

‘I love that my buddy plays with me’ Annabelle