Term 4 2018



Students explored many different experiments during

our Comic-Con focused activities. Over the past few

weeks we have designed our own outfit, learnt how to

make slime, blew up balloons using a chemical reaction, made plastic with milk and vinegar, explored oobleck and created lava lamps. With new words being used such as reaction, gas, bicarbonate soda, solid and liquid our Science passion has been ignited!


‘I really liked when the band played at the Comic-Con assembly.’  Zak D0M

‘I liked making our costume for Comic-Con.’ Hayley D0A


This term the students have explored their inner powers and character strengths leading up to Comic Con. During Discovery, our love of planes and flying was developed and thus, a flight to Comic Con on iFly Discovery Airlines was created, including in-flight movies created by students that focused on our four school values; Resilience, Responsibility, Respect and Integrity.


‘I loved being Tech Euan. My powers help people with technology. I loved using QR codes to interview people on a survey about iFly airlines.” Euan, D0R.

‘I liked going to assembly because I got to show my costume. My super hero name is Super Smart Georgia. I help people be smart!’ Georgia, D0R

Discovery Learning

Within our learning spaces, students have had the opportunity to explore, build, create and collaborate on many different projects.

Students have built marble runs, created passports, experienced arriving at an airport and flying on a plane, explored Science experiments and used pulley systems. Who knows where our students’ interest will take us next?


‘I liked being the pilot and flying the plane on the big screen.’ James D0R

Superhero School

BAM! POW! CRASH! Preps in Training! Fitnessworx visited the Preps and turned them all into Super Heroes with their Super Hero Training. The Preps completed obstacle courses, went to flying school and built up their muscles with gross motor training to build their physical skills.


We welcomed Brett from Toonarama Cartoons to inspire the kids with their very own Superhero cartoon. Students learnt how to draw different features such as their eyes, hair, noses, mouths, gloves and boots.


The Preps went on their first excursion to Scienceworks. The students enjoyed The Lightning Room, Nitty Gritty Super City, Think Ahead and Sportsworks as well as travelling through the city on a bus. In the Lightning Room we saw the giant Tesla Coil generate more than two million volts of electricity to produce very loud lightning bolts.


‘I really liked seeing the lightning they made in the Lightning Room at Scienceworks.’     Saffy D0M

‘I liked when I got to touch the electric machine and it made my hair stand up!’               Ruby D0R