The Preps have been very busy this term. Here are some of the fantastic things they have been up to:

DOA and D0I
In week 5, students taught their buddies and parents a special skill at our ‘Expert Table’ event.

‘We taught grown ups things they don’t really know.’

D0A and D0I have also spent lots of time in the school garden learning about how seeds grow and change. We visited Edendale Farm to learn about worms and South Surrey Park where we worked with our buddies to plant some native grasses.

‘We looked after the school vegetable garden. We started by turning the soil. We planted broccoli, spring onion, snow peas and lettuce.’

‘We went on a bus to Edendale Farm. We patted chickens. We learnt all about worms.’

‘We planted our own seeds. We talked and sung to it. We watered it and made sure it had heaps of shade and sun.’
Leo and Holly

‘We want worms in our garden but we don’t want snails.’


D0S and D0W
This term students have been busy making our classroom into an under the sea world. We went to Polly Woodside to learn about life at sea. We also loved spending time with our buddies and got to visit the Royal Melbourne Show.

‘I loved the Royal Melbourne show because I got to pat the goats and they were really fluffy.’

‘I liked the Royal Melbourne Show because I got to plant seedlings. I really like learning about gardening and I garden with my dad at home.’

‘This term I really liked seeing our buddies, I really liked when we made cards together’.
Chloe Z


In Discovery Learning students have been interested in making their own hotel in the classroom. We are excited to keep working on our hotel next term.

‘I like being a concierge in the hotel because I get to show people wonderful places.’

‘I liked planning the spa in the hotel because I got to draw, write and share my ideas.’

‘In Discovery Learning we have been making a hotel, I worked with Thomas, Audie and Jack M to make a ATM for our guest to get money.’

‘This term I liked making note pads for the waiters at the hotel to take orders. I liked it because I get to come up with the idea myself.’
Charlotte M