Term 4 2018

Term 2 has offered many learning experiences and adventures for our Prep students.  To foster their love of playing in nature, the students set out to create their own National Park.  We began with an immersion day at Wattle Park and the Preps attended ‘Bush School’.  The students rotated through various classes such as a hut building challenge, reading, minibeast hunts and an identification task of fauna and flora.

We began the term with a five-week Drama Incursion focusing on friendships and building positive relationships which linked to our new Health program.  The children enjoyed playing with the animal puppets to act out social situations involving conflict and resolution.

Throughout the term, the students have enjoyed many cooking experiences in the Maker Kitchen with Vanessa and parent helpers.  They made delicious treats such as pancakes, chocolate muffins, bread and baked potatoes.  These were wonderful opportunities for the children to work cooperatively in teams.

In the Makerspace this term the students worked in pairs to investigate, plan and make a habitat.  This required students to develop a positive growth mindset, teamwork and the ability to compromise.

The Royal Flying Doctors paid us a visit and the children loved moving through the interactive aeroplane and flying the plane via the flight simulator.  Our guest Tom shared many interesting facts and stories about the services the Royal Flying Doctors offer.

Students have been working through PMP (Perceptual Motor Program) activities each Friday, strengthening their muscles and improving their gross motor skills.

In the second last week of term, the Preps celebrated their National Park topic by dressing up as bushwalkers, Park Rangers and animals.  The children that dressed up donated a gold coin to Wildlife Victoria and we were able to raise a total of $86.  We walked to Canterbury Gardens and played games and made mandalas from flowers, leaves and sticks.  We also made paper planes and finished off with a flying competition.

Once we returned to school, the children went on a mini beast hunt with magnifying glasses.  We also had a visit from two Park Rangers from Wildlife Victoria.  They shared information on Australian animals and how to care for our environment so we do not damage their habitats.

We ended the day by inviting the Prep parents into the Discovery Centre to meet the animals and Park Rangers from our Prep National Park.  The students took their parents on a scavenger hunt and showed them their projects such as hut/cave building, musical instruments, arts & crafts and habitats.

What a wonderful Term!  We cannot wait for Term 3.

‘I liked doing the charcoal drawings at Wattle Park’ – Teddy DOM

‘I liked the mini beast hunt’ – Chloe I DOS

‘I liked it when we made our National Park and we walked to Canterbury Gardens’ – Jessica D0B

‘I loved playing with the puppets.  The turtles were my favourite’ – Maya DOS

‘I loved that my first puppet was a whale’ – Aryton DOB

‘I liked making bread.  We took turns to mix it’ – Arabella DOS

‘My favourite thing in cooking was making the pancakes and eating them’ – Jack B D0B

‘I liked the habitats because we got to build whatever we liked’ – Sienna D0S

‘I liked going in the plane and driving it’ – Jacob DOE

‘I liked getting on the plane and we took turns talking into the headphones’ – Chloe P D0E

‘I like the hoola hoops’ – Henry D0M

‘I loved dressing up as a wombat’ – Elsey D0B