Term 4 2018

D0R and D0S Starlab Science Dome incursion

D0R and D0S welcomed the Starlab (inflatable dome) as an exciting astronomy incursion to support their interest in Space. The students were greeted by an astronaut who took them on an adventure to explore the different planets inside the portable planetarium. After learning about planets, seasons, the moon, sun and stars, the students enjoyed a movie titled ‘The Secret of the Cardboard Rocket’. This movie was great inspiration to continue building and designing rockets during Discovery Learning.

“I liked the movies in the dome because I learnt about space.” – Jack D0S

“We watched a movie about 2 kids building a rocket and their cardboard rocket actually flies!” – Archer D0R

D0M and D0A – ‘Things that Move’ incursions

Early in Term Two, students explored Canterbury for things that moved and took pictures to enter the City of Boroondara’s Shutter Speed photo competition. It was a morning that started conversations about all of the different mechanical and non-mechanical things that we found that moved.

Later in the term, we welcomed Sally from PrimeSci of Swinburne University to further explore the world of Physical Science. We experimented and explored many different toys and how we could make them spin, slide, roll and turn. We explored spinning tops, slinkies, rubix cubes, toy cars and windmills. The introduction of magnets helped us to learn new words such as ‘repel’ and ‘attract’ whilst using them to move toy cars without touching them. We all got a chance to compare pulling a rope and using a pulley system by dragging Livie and Jimmy on a sled. By far, the most exciting part of our session was the ping-pong cannon which was made out of an old vacuum cleaner. We were able to drop a ping-pong ball into the cannon and launch the ball into a basket.

“I liked seeing the train pull up and leave Canterbury train station on our walking tour.” – Sienna D0A

“I thought it was funny when Jana couldn’t catch the ping-pong balls shooting out of the cannon. It was fun to pull the rope through the pulley.” – John D0A

Discovery excursion to Veg Out Community Gardens – St Kilda

All the Discovery Students had a wonderful time at the Veg Out Community Gardens in St Kilda. It was a great connection to our very own school garden and gave us a chance to see the large amount of produce people grow. The students fed chickens, learnt about different types of compost, had a treasure hunt around the gardens for different plants and enjoyed the outdoors. The students also explored their creative side and took many photographs around the beautiful space.

“I liked looking at the gardens because they looked beautiful” – Evie D0R

“We got to play octopus on the big oval. I liked it because it was outside.” – Matthew D0S

D0M and D0A excursion to CERES Community Environment Park – Brunswick

With our interest in animals, plants and the environment, we ventured off to CERES Community Environment Park to find out more about bees, worms and mini beasts. After we had Stella’s dad visit our classroom early this term to tell us about their bees on their farm, it was great to learn even more about this important insect when we visited CERES Community Environment Park. It was so much fun learning new facts and doing the ‘bee dance’ by collecting nectar and pollen, then storing it in the cells of the honeycomb. We visited the live bee-hive and even got to visit the chickens as they live near to each other. As we have been cultivating our school garden, we wanted to learn more about worms and how they help our garden to be healthy. We were able to observe the worms on our hands and how they felt and moved. Using a magnifying glass, we could also see that they were a reddish-brown colour and had lots of lines (segments). Have you ever seen a white-ish section that surrounds their bodies? Well that is their saddle, a structure containing maturing eggs!

“I liked it when the chickens pecked my hand and seeing the 15,000 bees in their hive.” – Amelia D0M

“I liked holding a baby worm, it felt like I had nothing in my hand. I learnt that worms hold their eggs in a saddle.” – Charli D0A

D0M and D0A – ‘Craftpower’ Woodworking Incursion

How lucky were we to be able to use hammers, nails and make lots of noise. Through our interest in things that move, we participated in an incursion to learn new skills so that we could build our very own car with wood and nails. We were able to choose our own design and work independently to complete building our car. Now we are ready for a D.I.Y. project at home in the holidays!!

“I liked building the car and using the hammers during our incursion.  I really liked being able to take it home.” – Zak D0M

“It was really fun hammering the nails into a cars. I liked being able to pick my own design of car.” – Francis D0M

Discovery learning D0R and D0S

Astronauts from D0R and D0S explored many aspects of Earth and space science. It started with building rockets and exploring information related to the planets and soon expanded into many different topics. One group of students used their interest in Space to make a connection to Star Wars and create their own movie series, ‘Discovery Wars’. This was complete with Princess Elke, Darth Hayden, Ruby Rae, Storm Tricker Sophie, Storm Tricker Jack, Storm Tricker Archer, Matthew D2 and Sarah 3PO. This inspired other students to create their own movies in different areas which included snow leopards, superheroes, friends and space men. All the movie makers worked together to create costumes as well as story boards complete with a beginning, middle and end. All movie crews successfully used team work throughout production. The students continued working on these movies all term and enjoyed filming them and sharing them with the class.

Besides movie makers, there were students working at a ‘School’, taking it in turns to be the teacher and create learning intentions for each other. Some of these included correct letter formation, learning how to write numbers and how to follow the school values.

Other learning areas students have worked on included making paper planes, carefully designed by experts. These were then tested for their aerodynamic abilities. Some students created detailed drawings, intricate Lego masterpieces and Mobilo constructions. Some students even created rovers to use on Mars (kinetic sand).

“In Discovery Wars I was Darth Hayden. I liked my Storm Trickers because they helped me do stuff. I made a Death Star for me and my Storm Troopers to live in.” – Hayden D0R

“My favourite part of Discovery Wars was when Matthew 3PO and Princess Elke went into the sunset” – Sarah D0S

“I liked playing Schools because it’s fun. I liked being the teacher. I taught the children about money. I also liked drawing in Discovery.” – Emily D0R

“We liked when we bowed at the end of our Snow Leopard movie.” – Mia D0S and Georiga D0R

Discovery Learning – D0M and D0A

During Term Two, we turned our classroom into a tinkering and mechanical workshop where we were able to explore old toys that move, as well generating our own creations. In the workshop we had caravans, cars, trucks, aeroplanes and trains being built, as well as new creations being invented using magnetic powers. Jimmy become the class paper plane building expert and passed on his knowledge to many willing participants.

Learning new programs is no problem in our classroom, we have used technology to develop our coding and designing skills. We have really enjoyed using programs such as code.org, Kodu and Lego Digital Designer. Just this week we welcomed some Year Four student experts into our Discovery Learning session to teach us how to create an animation using the app, Stop Motion Studio. We now have four class experts; Saffy, Sam, Inaaya and Eileen to teach us all how to create a stop motion film.

In addition to our ‘things that move’ focus, we have created our own class restaurant and shop where we used play money to buy and sell items. We have also had many sick visitors to our class clinic where our doctors and nurses have admitted, diagnosed and treated patients for their varying illnesses. With our new found writing skills, some of us have been working hard on our very own books. We have even been able to learn new skills from our class experts. Amelia, our handwriting expert, has assisted us to complete our books ready for the class library. Hugo, our chess expert, was patient and knowledgeable when explaining the different moves that the playing pieces are able to make. Sienna was inclusive whilst playing Uno with her classmates that did not know how to play the game. Francis was keen to share his finger knitting skills with his classmates and brought in a selection of wool for all to use. There are so many experts in our classroom that we are looking forward to learning new skills each week, next semester.

“I really enjoy making stuff with Lego, my favourite creation was a ship to go in the water.” – Cooper D0A

“This term I have become a doctor in our class medical centre. I love to help all of the sick people.” – Charlotte D0A

Gardening / Succulents

It has been exciting watching the cycle of a plant, particularly planting seeds and watching them grow. When Ms. Efron was here, D0R planted broad beans in bags and let them spout against a window. Once sprouted, the students planted them outside near the garden and now they have grown into real plants. The students are excited for them to continue growing so we can harvest the beans and cook with them.

D0R and D0S have worked hard to create a succulent patch near our line up area. The students explored different kinds of soils and discovered the soil was very sandy which isn’t good for all plants to grow. With research, we thought succulents would be an ideal plant to grow. First, we pulled apart a succulent carefully, ensuring the leaf was broken off as close to the stem as possible. We then rested all the leaves on a tray for several weeks, inspecting them weekly. Over time we noticed they started to re-grow! Tiny little succulents and roots sprouted and were observed using a powerful USB microscope. Once they sprouted we prepared the soil by weeding it, levelling it and adding some tanbark to stop the weeds. The propagated succulents have been placed carefully in the prepared bed of soil and should create a beautiful garden for us to enjoy.

All Discovery students have had the opportunity to plant, water and nurture the school vegetable garden. We have observed the growth that has happened over Term Two and harvested fresh ingredients for our cooking sessions. We continue to learn new things about plants and how they grow, survive in nature and how we can use vegetables and herbs to create delicious and healthy meals.

“I liked growing the succulents. We got to feel the succulents and they felt soft. Baby succulents grew on the leaf. The microscope was cool and the baby succulents looked like little spikes when we zoomed in.” – Jack D0R

“I loved when we grew the broad beans. When I first saw them they were seeds and then after a few weeks they grew.”  – Arya D0R

“I have enjoyed watering the different plants. I like picking the different vegetables for cooking.” – Finn D0M