Prep students have had a wonderful Term Two! Here are some of the things we got up to:

D0A and D0I
Preps in D0A and D0I started their own cooking show in Term Two. We published it on our YouTube channel and enjoyed sharing our work with our family and friends. We cooked every Friday and became fantastic at carefully following recipes. We also visited a cooking school and learnt to make pastry scrolls.

“We made pasta using a pasta machine. I liked watching the pasta get flatter when we pushed it through the machine.”

“For episode two I suggested ‘Shake it Off’ by Taylor Swift because it makes me want to dance and I knew it would make other people want to dance too.”

“I like putting our movies on Twitter. I want to be famous.”

D0W and D0S
We have been exploring Outer Space, particularly our solar system. We have also been interested in constructing simple machines with moving parts using Dacta Lego and exploring robotics through ‘Sphero’ our class robot. We were able to use our problem solving and team work skills at our excursion to Taskworks.

“I liked learning about space because it is interesting learning about the different planets and their moons. When I was little I didn’t know what the planets were, but but now I do.”

“I really like building Dacta with my friends because I get to build machines and other things like airplanes”

“I really liked the cable maze at Taskworks because you got run in it and it was lots of fun because I almost got lost. I also liked stop-a-stump because it was so much fun.”

“I loved stump-a-stump because we worked together to step on the stumps.”
Jack H


Across the Discovery Centre all Preps have also been learning to code this term. We have used Beebots, coding websites and learnt about algorithms through technology free activities. This has been really fun and we look forward to doing more of it in Term Three.

“To code you need an algorithm. That’s where you need to control a robot and give it steps to show it where you want it to go.’

“We have to work out a way to program things by putting the blocks in the work space and clicking ‘run’.”