This term Creativity Centre students thoroughly enjoyed our “Canterbury Explorers through Time” Inquiry unit. 

Year Two, students travelled back to the 1900’s to witness schools of yester-year and to consider how school life has changed and the reasons for so many changes. We started our adventure by exploring artefacts from the C.P.S. archive collection such as ink quills, wooden school desks, slate boards, old school bags, black and white photos and an original film taken of C.P.S in the 1940’s. It was amazing to then have our parents, grandparents and great-grand-parents share ‘first-hand’ their own schooling experiences. 

Our excursion to Yarrabee Yesterday’s World immersed students in 1900’s schooling, through arithmetic and dictation lessons as well as investigating olden-day school rules, punishments and games. Following this, students decided to re-create their own olden day school and each student selected a collaborative project to demonstrate their learning. These projects included learning to finger knit, researching and following olden day foo recipes, learning calligraphy, making our own chalkboards and conducting olden day games.

Year One students started the term by becoming explorers at Melbourne Zoo. We viewed many animals ‘close-up’ and used binoculars and magnifying glasses to find out about body coverings, bones and animal needs. Students used these ideas to help them further explore animal habitats and life-cycles. During the term students also worked towards creating imaginative and descriptive narratives featuring original explorers and their exciting journeys.

In response to student interest each Year One class choose a different environment to investigate further. In C1R students learned about the Great Barrier Reef and how to protect and save the animals and coral for future generations. In C1D students launched into space and explored planets, constellations and the International Space Station. C1M students travelled deep into the Amazon to explore tropical rainforests and discovered the many unique animals that live in this habitat. In C1B students explored our Solar System and travelled to pre-historic times to find out about dinosaurs and what affected their survival.

“I really liked learning how to finger knit and I was proud of how much knitting I was able to do. It was challenging to begin with but I was resilient and practised a lot” – Thomas.

“I’ve loved writing narratives, in my favourite story Jack and Zac are robbed by a baddie!  I worked really hard to use character dialogue and ‘wow’ words in my writing,” – Jack.

“I found it interesting to learn about how Canterbury Primary has changed over 110 years. There were different rules, mathematics was called arithmetic, and students rode horses to school” – Leo

“I enjoyed being the teacher in our olden day school. I liked teaching my sister to finger knit and write using old-fashioned handwriting” – Cecile.

“Our end of term celebration was brilliant because my parents came and they loved the meteorite cookies. They loved my T. Rex poster and watching the video where I patted a snake at Melbourne Zoo. I felt so proud”- Poppy.

“I loved going on the excursion to the Melbourne zoo and being able to be an explorer and learning new things about the Amazon Rainforest” – John.

“I loved researching facts about space in our project. Did you know that there is a volcano bigger than Mt Everest on Mars?” – Kara.

“I enjoyed making the fish, seeing how long a tiger shark is and making our activities for our Great Barrier Reef. I especially liked the bubbles” – Oliver.