Term 1 2018: Creativity

Term 1 2018: Creativity

The Creativity Centre has had a fantastic start to the year and we have thoroughly enjoyed our Canterbury Community unit.  Students explored the C.P.S. values and developed their resilience, growth mindset thinking, mindfulness and team skills through role-plays, art, sports, S.T.E.M challenges and community circle discussions.

A highlight was our excursion to Eureka Tower’s Skydeck and option of challenging ourselves on The Edge Experience. While at Eureka Tower, students were able to gain insight into the size and complexity of a large community such as Melbourne’s and view iconic landmarks. Back at school, we compared this view of Melbourne with our C.P.S. neighbourhood and our local community.

To celebrate ‘Canterbury Community’ students had the opportunity to practise their teamwork, resilience and problem-solving skills during a series of games and challenges as part of the Urban Quest Program. Students worked in teams to solve puzzles, math tasks and challenges as they completed a circuit of activities around the C.P.S outdoor spaces. This allowed students to model the C.P.S values as they found solutions and used their creative and critical thinking skills whilst having fun in their teams.

“I really liked recounts because I like writing and I enjoyed becoming better at it.”-Willem


“I have enjoyed Science because I made a rock transporter. I changed my design to make it better. I worked well with my team.” – Mia


“I have enjoyed the STEM challenges this term. I liked making the marble run and the rock transporter. I liked having a budget.” –Michael


“I have learnt that resilience means I don’t give up. I was resilient when I went on the Edge Experience at the Eureka Tower” – Harry


“I enjoyed doing the self-portraits because we proved that C2SM has a Growth Mindset. It means that you won’t give up and that if others can do it, you can do it. I like being in the open space because there is lots of people to learn about and I get to know lots of stuff” Harriet


“My favourite part of the term was learning about Melbourne’s landmarks.  I choose to learn about the Botanic Gardens and then created my own information report to share with the class.” Lachlan


“My favourite thing was learning to write information reports and researching new information on my landmark.” Ziggy


“I really enjoyed writing. I loved learning about recounts and writing about the excursion to the Eureka Tower was awesome.” Sebastian


“I have loved Science because I want to be a Scientist when I grow up. Going around the school and searching for all the light and dark places was really fun.” Arianna


“This term I enjoyed making musical instruments in Science. It was awesome. First I tried to make a guitar and then after that, a drum.” – Neal


“When we got to Eureka Tower we went up the very, very fast lift. Then we went on The Edge. It was loud and fun.” Charlotte



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March 28, 2018