Term 4 2018

My favourite part of the expo was having my parents come into my classroom. I showed them my diorama, and they liked reading facts about Orkhon Falls in Mongolia. I also liked lighting the lanterns and watching them take off. – Scarlett, C1M

I thought 50 School Days around the World was fantastic and interesting. My favourite bit was going to new countries each week. My favourite country was Australia, because we made ANZAC biscuits and played AFL. Now I think I know a lot more about different countries. It was awesome! – Ben, C2J

I liked 50 School Days around the World because it was so much fun. We learned about Australia, Brazil, India, London, USA and Italy. In Italy we learned how to make pizza and pasta. We even got to eat pasta at Barolo Restaurant in Camberwell. I learned about The Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Colosseum. – Marco, C2P

I liked the expo because my grandparents, parents and sister came into my classroom. We made a rainforest and worked together to find the 21 chameleons hidden in my classroom. It was fun! – Jo, C1D.

I liked learning about Mongolia. I researched facts about Bogd Khan Uul National Park, which is in Mongolia. I learned that it was added to the World Heritage list in the cultural category. – Thomas, C1M

I loved 50 School Days around the World. It was awesome and so much fun! The best part for me was going to USA, because we played basketball and we made chips, hashbrowns and mashed potato.  – Otto, C2J

I liked the expo because I loved playing with my friends and learning about different countries. My class chose France and I learned a lot. Did you know that the Eiffel Tower grows 6 inches whenever it’s a hot day? – Johnny, C2W.

I thought 50 School Days around the World was epic and so much fun! The best part was learning about Italy, because Italy has so much in it. It’s famous for soccer, pizza and The Leaning Tower of Pisa. – Kiara, C2P

I loved learning about Madagascar. It was fun to go to the zoo, and I found it funny watching the lemurs sunbake on the trees and rocks. I learned that Madagascar is an island that has lots of different trees. – Finley, C1D

I liked that my Mum and Dad came in to watch our show. I also liked going into other classes to see what they have been learning about. It was great to go into the Year 2 open space and eat some of their pizza. It was delicious! – Bijan, C1R

I liked learning about France because it was really fun. I learned that the Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous European tourist attractions. At the expo, I loved playing the Kahoot with Charlotte and my parents. We came second! – Grace, C2W.

I liked showing my parents the Great Wall of China that we built in our classroom, and I loved watching the lanterns take off. 50 School Days around the World was an awesome project! – Maddy, C2L.

In C1R, we chose Japan and created our very own show. Our show was about teaching other people how to speak in Japanese. I liked 50 School Days around the World because my parents came into my classroom and watched our show. – Holly, C1R.

My class chose the Arctic Circle. My mum was very proud of me when she took the first step into the classroom and saw all of the effort that we had put in. My brother and sister loved playing with the snow, and my nanny loved looking at my writing. Everyone loved looking at their children’s work. – Isla, C1B.

My Mum and Dad learned that an Arctic Fox weighs 9.4kg. They also learned that an Arctic Fox has 6 fine whiskers and very white fur. – Peyton, C1B.

My favourite part of the expo was showing my parents my coding game on Scratch. I designed a game that told you facts about The Great Wall of China and you had to use the keyboard to find the information. I also liked looking at the lanterns, they looked pretty awesome when they were taking off. – James, C2L.