Term 4 2018

Land to Lunchbox has been my favourite project this year. I liked learning about where our food comes from and going on an excursion to Chesterfield Farm. I loved the Farmers Market because we got to make bath bombs. – Millie

I enjoyed learning about the War on Waste as part of Land to Lunchbox. I have learned that plastic bags are bad for the environment, especially the poor animals. I have also learned that plastic bags take between 20 – 1000 years to break down. – Margot

At the Farmers Market, I bought strawberry syrup, eggs and my pet rock. I saw Jess from Masterchef too! – Arsh

I really enjoyed Land to Lunchbox because I liked making different foods, for example, we made lemon cake, lemon slice and lemonade. I also liked making the bath bombs to sell at the Farmers Market. It was fun to sell and buy products from other students in Year 1 and 2. – Ollie.

At the Farmers Market my mum came. It was stupendous when we saw that all my orange juice was sold. We went to the petting zoo too. – Ivy

I liked selling our jam with the tags. I also liked buying the lemon and lime cordial, a honey joy, a fruit kebab and a tin can lantern. – Lucy

I liked the Farmers Market because it was fun and there were lots of different products on sale. I enjoyed making honeycomb and tshirt bags, which were sold on the day. – Aarya

I liked selling the tin can lanterns and the honey joys. – Felix

Land to Lunchbox was a great project because I liked making tshirt bags, calico bags and garden tags. I put a lot of work into these products and I’m very happy that everyone bought all my products. – James.

I really liked seeing the other stalls. The lemon cake was delicious. It tasted lemony. I liked seeing the visitors coming to my shop too! – Ellie

I really enjoyed the Farmers Market because there was many things to buy. I liked making the honeycomb because it was fun, and turned out to be delicious. – Tom

I liked drinking the lemonade and I enjoyed handling the change. – Michael T

I liked preparing for the Farmers Market. I helped prepare seed packets, bath bombs and fresh produce. I liked that everyone’s parents came to our market. It was fun to sell products with real money. – Ethan

I enjoyed preparing for the Farmers Market. I got to design a calico bag instead of using plastic bags. I liked working with real money at the Farmers Market and I’m proud of how much money we raised. – Jacinta.