Term 4 2018

Term 3 saw the Creativity Centre students explore how communities are created on-board cruise ships and resulted in students creating their very own collaborative and student driven ship called “Spirit of Canterbury”.

The term began with a full day immersion involving a range of potential on-board cruise experiences including; galley cooking, exploring ship communication, learning about marine navigation, map reading and co-ordinate plotting, creating advertisements, playing inclusive games, STEM boat challenges and much more.

There was a variety of exciting incursions and excursions this term including the Botanic Gardens, Polly Woodside, Port Melbourne Education centre, Port Melbourne ferry rides, magic and circus incursions as well as a chocolate making and marketing experience according to each class’s interests.  

Following student voice throughout the term lead to the creation of a Cinema, Relaxation Centre, Lolly shop, Restaurant, Administration team, Bridge control team, Hospital and Safety Centre, Circus and Magic shows as well as a Games Centre. Students thoroughly enjoyed planning, researching, creating and running each part of the ship as hard-working employees.

Students writing, reading, science and mathematics learning were embedded throughout our inquiry learning this term. For example, the Year 2 students wrote persuasive letters to the Spirit of Tasmania to request a visit to their cruise ship.  While Year 1 students researched and created information reports on our cruise ship guests or an aspect of their topic.  Our science investigations this term focused on the properties of materials. We created boats, waterslides and floatation devices using our STEM inquiry skills. We also conducted a range of experiments that looked at water absorption of different everyday materials.

Finally in Week 10 we had our celebration where families and friends were invited aboard our “Spirit of Canterbury” cruise ship. This experience allowed guests to experience students’ learning from throughout the term and students were able to model their collaboration, problem solving and communication skills.

 We are looking forward to more exciting learning and creating real-word experiences with the students next term!

This term I have really enjoyed building our cruise ship on Minecraft. I really liked how everyone’s rooms were different and I enjoyed visiting other people’s areas and getting inspiration.
Raquel – C2S
I really enjoyed creating the Spirit of Canterbury and being able to choose which part of the ship to work on. I worked in the Bridge of the boat and I chose to create a map and also a throttle for the control board.
Kody – C2S
I really enjoyed making a quiz on Kahoot for the Spirit of Canterbury because we got to research lots of facts and running the trivia for all the parents because it was really fun seeing what they think. I also liked writing persuasive letters to the Spirit of Tasmania because we really want to go on their ship. Lucy – C2M
I have enjoyed focusing on an area of my classes relaxation centre as I got to make stress balls and work together with my team. Robbie – C1M
I liked that we got to design our cruise ship and then write an information report on it. I liked writing up the guest details for our boat. Also I really enjoyed our excursion to the Royal Botanical Gardens. Charlotte – C1M
My mum and dad liked tasting the Groovy Smoothie. My mum liked the Chocolate Delights and I liked seeing everyone working together. I saw a lot of the games. My favourite thing was the movies. Charlotte – C1B
I have enjoyed learning about shapes because I liked the idea of making 3D shaped lollies – Sophie C1R
I’ve enjoyed learning about how to do magic tricks and working successfully in my group. Charlotte C2W
My favourite part of the Spirit of Canterbury was the cinema because I liked watching the movies and it made writing information reports more fun. Evie – C1D
At the Spirit of Canterbury I really enjoyed walking around to see all the other students work and also working at the Cinema of the Sea. Felix – C1D
I liked learning how to make balloon animals and create funny things with them. I also liked making a grid map of a circus. I really enjoyed our circus incursion because the instructor was very funny. Chris – C2A
I liked making the grid maps because it was fun drawing the circus on a map. I also liked planning and making a clown costume. I liked colouring in my design the best. Gemma – C2A