Parents at CPS

The school has a long and proud tradition of active parent and community involvement. Parent participation in support of curriculum programs, social events, fundraising and school improvement activities is encouraged and highly valued. There is a wide variety of avenues available for parents to become actively involved in their child’s education.

Parents are encouraged to share in the life of the school by:

  • Offering assistance with learning programs including Early Years Literacy, Activity Maths and Capon perceptual motor program or assisting in the following areas:
  • Library/Resource Centre assistance
  • Becoming a Parent Coordinator
  • Being involved with Parents and Friends Association
  • Nominating for School Council or sub committees
  • Attendance at Working Bees
  • Assisting with Year 3 – 6 School Camps

Parent Co-ordinator Scheme

Each year, two parents from each class are appointed as the Parent Co-ordinators for that class. The aim of the Parent Co-ordinator Scheme is to enhance communication between parents, teachers and the school.

Parent Co-ordinators do this by arranging a social function early in Term 1 to enable parents to become acquainted with each other and the teacher; arranging assistance requested by the class teacher for help in the classroom; assisting with School Council fundraising activities [eg. Art Show, Raffle]; Arranging support at working bees; welcoming new parents to the school community; and fostering communication links between home and school.

Canterbury Art Exhibition Committee

More information about what is involved with being on the committee to come.

In 1973, the first Canterbury Art Exhibition was held at the school. Since then it has become a major annual event for Canterbury Primary School and arts patrons alike and attracts over 1000 people during the exhibition’s weekend opening.

The focus of the art exhibition is on high quality works across a range of media, with a bias toward modern styles. The diversity of the exhibition has allowed the inclusion of dedicated areas for ceramics and aboriginal art, as well as a selection of quality sculpture, in addition to the main theme of paintings and prints.

Over the years, the Canterbury Art Exhibition has gained a reputation for being different to the normal school-based shows because of its contemporary outlook. The exhibition stands out through the high artistic standard it attracts. This standard is maintained by exhibiting only invited artists.

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