Maker Space

The Canterbury Primary School Maker Space is home to many exciting opportunities for students to explore their passions and work collaboratively with others to create new and exciting solutions to real world problems.  Students explore and learn core curriculum content through authentic and real world problems and applications.  The room itself is a digitally rich environment that promotes learning through trial and error and empowers students to take charge of their learning.  Student leadership in the space is encouraged and students are often learning with and from one another.

Activity areas in the Maker Space include:

  • Wearable technology and sewing zone
  • Woodwork construction zone
  • Tinkering zone – bicycles, mechanical equipment
  • Maker space kitchen
  • Lego construction zone
  • Cardboard construction zone
  • Robotics and electronics zone
  • 3D zone – including 3D printer
  • Animation zone
  • Gardening zone

Maker Space Kitchen

The Maker Space Kitchen provides the opportunity for all students at Canterbury Primary from Foundation through to Year 6 to explore the benefits of harvesting and preparing delicious food.  Often working with demonstration format, followed by small group learning, students are responsible for creating nutritious food from scratch. Examples of some dishes include pizza and pasta dough, homemade stocks, soups and curries, sushi, frittata, smoothies, salads and loads more.  During cooking students are exposed to measurement and geometry, fractions, decimals and costings of menus.  Science is regularly explored and the chemical reactions between ingredients is observed.

Students are taught to respect the space, handle equipment safely and are also responsible for cleaning their work benches and the kitchen at the end of the class.

We are very proud to be part of the Maker Night, students across all year levels work to provide the tasting samples for this event. We have loads of fun in the Maker Kitchen, parents are always welcome to come in and cook with us.