Our School

School Vision

To create a passionate learning community that inspires, challenges and supports all students to achieve their personal best and make a positive contribution to the world in which they live.


Canterbury Primary is a dynamic school, with high levels of student, parent and community engagement and participation. The school has a strong student-centred pedagogical approach with an emphasis on student voice and agency, and genuine, contextualised learning opportunities. A school developed ‘Pedagogical Principles’ model informs planning and teaching approaches to improve student engagement and achievement. Innovative use of digital technologies is evident across the school. Coding, creative problem solving and an evolving ‘Maker Culture’ support high levels of autonomy and choice in learning. Local and global partnerships enhance opportunities for students to make connections and profile their learning.

Enrolments have increased over the past 5 years to over 600 students. The Student Family Occupation (SFO) index is 0.1079 and the Student Family Occupation and Education (SFOE) index is 0.0778 indicating a community with a high socio-economic status advantage relative to other Victorian government schools. There has been an increasing percentage of students with a language background other than English over the past four years, most notably from China.



Our values guide the decisions and behaviours of all members of our school community.

  • Respect – for ourselves and others- Caring for, understanding, accepting and appreciating ourselves and others.
  • Responsibility – Demonstrating ownership of our actions and words. Being accountable for our actions.
  • Integrity – Being honest, sincere and trustworthy.
  • Resilience – Bouncing back from difficulties and disappointments. Accepting challenges, trying hard and not giving up easily.

Our Heritage

Canterbury is a school that is proud of its heritage. Since the early 1990s a group of staff and parents has been actively engaged in researching the school’s history and storing a wide range of archival material associated with the school. In 2008 Canterbury Primary School celebrated 100 years of excellence in education.

The original buildings remain and careful stewardship over the century has kept many of the architectural features intact. A Heritage Trail around the school compliments the curriculum as well as guiding visitors to significant points of the school’s history. Tours of the school and the Heritage Trail are available by prior arrangement. Bookings are essential and can be made by calling 9836 4537.

An extensive archive collection is continually being added to by donations from past pupils. Regular displays from this collection give an insight to the school’s history for the students.

If you would like to add yourself to the Heritage Mailing List, please contact the Heritage Group by mail or email.

Heritage News

Centenary Year Celebrations – Several exciting events were held in 2008 which included the publication and launch of the school history, A Pocketful of Acorns (order form available below), Open Day, a Centenary Ball and the unveiling of a Centenary sculpture.

Suzhou Partnership With CPS

Partnership with A Primary School Attached to Xinsu Normal School in Suzhou, China

Canterbury Primary School has developed a strong partnership with A Primary School Attached to Xinsu Normal School in Suzhou, China as a part of our commitment to enhancing intercultural understanding and engaging with Asia. In August each year, we host a delegation of students and teachers for a week. This involves cultural immersion through home staying with Canterbury families and participation in school learning programs. In September each year we make a return visit with Canterbury students in Years 5 and 6 provided the opportunity to visit Suzhou and experience life as a student in China. Where possible students spend time in a home stay with students from Suzhou who visited in September. This two week annual ‘China Study Tour’ also involves visiting Shanghai and Beijing.

Each year the students from Canterbury travelling to China maintain a travel blog which can be accessed below:

2018 – http://cpsstudytour2018.global2.vic.edu.au/

2017 – http://cpsstudytour2017.global2.vic.edu.au/ 


Strategic Plan, Annual Report & Annual Implementation Plan