Term 4 2018

The Discovery Centre has been abuzz with the sound of hammering, tinkering and conversations with a focus on ‘construction’. Using the Maker Cycle (ask it, plan it, make it, test it, fix it, say it), the students have been creating and building using recycled materials while attempting to meet set criteria. Applying their critical and creative thinking skills, the students were able to explain their designs and reflect on modifications and successes.

As part of our construction theme, the students enjoyed spending the day at Taskworks. There, the students engaged in a variety of challenges that required communication, collaboration and cooperation. Some of their favourites from the day were stomp-a-stump, the maze and peg race as well as dress ups.   Our construction focus sparked the student’s interest

In the Makerspace, the students worked on investigating the science of flight when making kites, parachutes and wind-powered vehicles. While learning about the needs of living things, we embarked on a walking excursion to a local garden where the students were able to identify and observe living things in their natural habitat. This inspired the students to design and create their own bird feeders to attract rainbow lorikeets and other birds to their gardens at home.

The Discovery students have worked with their Grade Six buddies to develop their word processing skills and to bring their narratives to life using the app, Puppet Pal as well as Microsoft Word.

The students have enjoyed participating in our Intensive Swimming Program.  With a focus on water familiarisation and safety, the students have worked in small groups with a swimming instructor.

Our construction focus in Discovery Learning sparked our students’ interest in circuits and conductive materials.  The students participated in a ‘Squishy Circuit’ incursion where they were able to experiment and create their own circuits.

The Preps have had an outstanding year of growth and learning and are more than ready for Year One in 2019.

I really like making things with fresh ingredients (not cardboard) and then eating them. Harry B D0E

We got to make the chocolate cupcakes for the Maker Festival, I was excited to make them for everyone to eat. Will H D0M

I liked working with Vanessa in the kitchen. Ryan D0S

I loved making sushi and eating it.  Harrison D0B

When I was in the Makerspace, I really liked making parachutes, I was proud when I fixed my design and made it again. Stephi D0E

I liked working with my friends on the tower challenge. Francesca D0B

When we went to Taskworks I liked doing Stomp-a-stump and building with blocks. Ivy D0M

Taskworks was fun, I really liked the cable maze and Peg Fast. Alannah D0E

I liked going to Taskworks and working on the Peg Fast.  Elsey D0B

I loved Taskworks.  The stomp challenge was hard. Harry M D0S

I liked building cubby houses with chairs, tables and blankets and doing different designs.  Arabella D0S

My favourite thing to do in Discovery this term was building the robots.  Jyothi D0B