This term Creativity students explored different aspects of the Science curriculum through their Inquiry projects.
Year 1 students learned about plant and animals as they set up, researched and observed ant farms. During ‘Ant Antics’ activities students explored the idea of community and the way ants may be small creatures but when they work together they can achieve amazing things. They drew diagrams and conducted investigations including finding out what types of food ants in the C.P.S. school yard choose to eat. Students worked with their teams to make a ‘feeder’ complete with different food choices that they hoped would attract ants. Visits to the Makerspace included exploring the garden and its produce as well as cooking delicious treats to share. Students discovered that some of our treats also appeal to the ants. Students enjoyed dressing up as mini-creatures and using microscopes to explore body structures and features. A visit from Minibeasts Wildlife Education also enabled students to find out more about animal survival as well as their life cycles and their predators. As the festive season approaches students have discovered some of the many celebrations that exist in different parts of the world in Year One.
Year 2 students learned about the needs and wants of living things as they explored their unit ‘Thrive and Survive’. They identified oxygen, water, food and shelter as being key for survival and considered the many amazing processes of the human body to digest food. Students were challenged what they had to work with a team to build an outdoor shelter that could protect someone using only a canvas, poles and ropes. They enjoyed the challenge of tying knots to support their shelter and later cooking marshmallows after learning how to create outdoor fires. Students enjoyed exploring the process of digestion during our Mad about Science incursion. Students performed chemical experiments to understand digestion, think quick and test reaction speeds, and use stethoscopes to listen to the rhythmic beat of their hearts. A highlight for many students was coding the digestive system using Minecraft Education and creating their own animal adaption documentaries using iMovie. The term concluded with our excursion to China Town and the Chinese Museum, to immerse students with Chinese cultures and traditions.
Throughout the term, Creativity students further developed their literacy and maths skills through their learning projects. Students read and wrote stories and presented their ideas and research to their peers. Year 1 students wrote to persuade their audience for example by stating the reasons for their favourite season or reasons for a particular animal would make the perfect pet. Year Two students continued setting and achieving their writing goals by creating a range of engaging narratives. Finally, the year has concluded with the opportunity to read, explore and write rhymes and poems.
I liked searching for minibeasts on our Gould League excursion and going swimming at the end of the term – Evie, C1D
I liked it when the scientist came because we learned facts about ants. It was good when we got to look at the ant farm and books because I learnt so much- Oliver C1B
I learnt that ants have abdomens like spiders and they are scavengers. Some types of ants are really dangerous. I liked making our queen chamber for our nest.  – Jack D C1R
I liked getting to do cooking and Minecraft this term. I also really liked our Ant Antics unit as we got to learn about all different ants that are around the world and all the cool things they can do – Sammy, C1M
My favourite part of Term Four was the Year Two sleepover!  I loved creating the Foosball table during our STEM challenge and all the food was delicious. – Hayden C2M
I loved going on our excursion to China Town and the Chinese Museum, because at my old school we didn’t learn Mandarin and now I know lots. My favourite part was watching the dumplings get made as we walked down China Town. – Raquel C2S
I enjoyed making all of our Poetry pieces. I particularly liked the ‘Shape’ poems because that involved writing and drawing– Bijan, C2A
I enjoyed the clock incursion because we got to make a wooden clock and take it home then practice learning the time – Bernie C2W