Term 4 2018

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“I loved writing the Mick Fanning shark attack narrative because I love surfing.  It was exciting and fun to write about a real situation and put myself in the middle of it.  I improved in my word choice and sentence structure. I loved choosing our own experiment for Science so we didn’t all have to do the same.  I chose to study how floods affect the growth of plants – we kept a hairy head underwater for 7 days. It became pretty slimy and stinky!” – Estelle, L5D

“I loved science this term because we looked at plants and what they need to grow.  We investigated what we need to change to encourage plants to grow at different rates.  It was very interesting.” – Alex, L6T

“One of my writing goals was to put more suspense and tension in my narratives.  I read a lot of books with tension in them and found lots of ideas and examples to use in my writing.  I saw lots of examples that came just before the dramatic parts of stories.  Working in Applied Maths with Mr Sanders was great this term.  I like the problem solving part of it where we have a lot of questions and we have to work with a partner to find the solution.  There were some really challenging questions.  Term one was such a fun and good term.” – Lewis, L5D

“This term has been so fun, especially Zone Maths.  I love how we get to do some small projects.  I’ve learnt about index numbers, multiples and prime numbers.  We made a stop motion video and slides to teach our parents the different index laws.  This term I’ve definitely expanded my vocabulary and sentence fluency when writing.  I’m really proud of my Shark Attack piece and it was really fun putting myself in someone else’s shoes.” – Asta, L5D

“This term has been fun. I felt very successful in my persuasive writing.  I enjoyed writing about keeping animals in zoos – I could see both sides of the argument because they are cared for but at the same time they’re trapped and everyone’s watching them!  I ended up deciding it was cruel to keep animals in a zoo after visiting Melbourne Zoo and seeing a tiger pacing in it’s enclosure.  I feel confident to express my opinions in my writing.  Overall, this term we’ve had completely new experiences and are learning new things all the time.”  – Toby, L5D


“I have enjoyed the projects we have done in the Makerspace a lot. I enjoyed the dying and learning about natural colour and the process used to dye fabric. I also like the plant dissection, I was fascinated by the parts of the plant. I like pressing them and laminating them.” – Ethan, L6T

“Makerspace was really fun and intriguing because I liked making new things, and being creative. One of my favourite activities was dying the fabric. We made a pattern out of leaves and things we found in the garden, and when we took it out of the steamer it looked cool. It turned into one colour, but lots of different shades, which was like an orangey brown.” – Riley C, L6T

“I really like Makerspace, because I have started to enjoy cooking. We could work in a team, and eat delicious food, and learn how to make tasty things. I also enjoyed dying the fabric, because it was like art, but also natural, and you didn’t really know what you were going to get. It was a good surprise-ish I thought it would be orange but it came out purple and brown.” – Maddie, L6T

“Cooking and making the pasta and sauce was really enjoyably. I loved weaving the Y-sticks, it was different. Dying the fabric was amazing and interesting. It was a new experience that surprised me because i didn’t know that you could do that with leaves and vinegar.” – Naomi L6T.

Interschool Sport

“I loved interschool sport.  We won alot of our games and it shone a light on how sporty CPS is. I got to hang out with my friends and it was fun to go on buses and visit other schools.” – Yasmin, L5Q

“I loved interschool sport this term.  Everyone got to choose their preferred sport and develop skills on their sport to use in a game. I love sport and to play a different sport with my friends. To go to other schools, get a little bit competitive and represent my school feels really good. CPS is an amazing school with amazing people and amazing teachers I can’t wait to get into the next term.  I love my class and I really can’t wait for next term.” – Jye, L5Q

“I thought interschool sport was really fun because we got to meet with other schools and it was a great way to spend our Friday mornings.  My volleyball team was very successful but the main thing was having fun and giving the sport a go” – Cassie, L6P

“I enjoyed interschool sports because I was with lots of friends.  I had a go at Hot Shots Tennis and it was really fun.  Even if we lost, we would congratulate the other team and still have fun.” – Rosie, L5Q


“I really like working with younger kids because they are very cute and playful.  When I am with my buddy I feel really responsible because I am taking care of someone else  Together, we like to play hide-and-seek.  They also love Duck Duck Goose and What’s The Time Mr Wolf!” – Olivia M, L6C

“My buddy is really energetic – he always runs away from me!  He’s really nice, I’ve gotten to know him a lot more because we play together on Fridays.  When I go to buddies, I feel pumped to see him.  I feel really responsible taking care of a younger student so he doesn’t do anything silly!” – Gordon, L6C

“Buddies has been really exciting.  I love getting ready every Friday to play my buddy.  Usually we play in the playground and normally we play in a big group with his friends so they can all socialise together.  My buddy is always excited to see me and that makes me feel great that there’s someone that looks up to me.” – Campbell, L6C


“We’ve enjoyed participating in the student leadership program because it’s fun, we get a lot of say and it provides us with real life responsibilities. We are role models in Year 6 and it’s important to do the right thing and show the school values.” Cassie, Liv P, Maddy and Bianca Year 6.

“On Monday 26th March, the school captains travelled to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre with Miss Pluck. We got to meet other student leaders and listen to inspiring celebrities who each had a story to tell about a time that they overcame a personal challenge. It was really fun and gave us an opportunity to reflect and plan school wide events for the year.” – Yannik, L6T

“Parliament has been a good way to get organised, develop confidence and improve our public speaking skills. During question time, backbenchers can sometimes put us on the spot and we need to think on our feet. It has been a really good process and we’ve enjoyed participating.” – Bella, Lucy and Liv M , Year 6

Melbourne Zoo Excursion

“A highlight for me was watching the seals splashing around and playing.  I thought the smallest seal was a bit of a show off!   Also enjoyed watching the wild dogs.  They were very interesting in how they moved – a bit like a sly fox.  I loved the Zoo excursion!” – Ned, L5W

“Melbourne Zoo was an enjoyable excursion, it was great looking at the interesting and unique animals with different habitats. A highlight for me was seeing the lemurs because they always looked curious and kept running around like crazy.  The excursion was an unforgettable moment for me.” – Amalia, L5W

“My highlight for term two was the zoo excursion because it was my first time going  my favourite part was the meerkats because when we went for the second time one of them was standing on a single branch.” – Rosie, L5Q

“The best thing on the Zoo excursion was learning why gorillas and baboons are endangered.  I also loved looking at all the baby animals and how they survive.  I think the zoo excursion was fantastic!” – Mila, L5W