Term Four marked the end of a fabulous year in the Leadership Centre. While Year Six students were preparing to farewell primary school, Year Five students were participating in the Leadership Workshops to build their understanding of resilience, empathy, cooperation and team work. The program culminated in a day long team scavenger hunt in the city.

The Makerspace Kitchen was in full swing at the start of the term and allowed many students to develop their culinary and collaborative skills. Our community event, Maker Night, was a success and it was pleasing to see so many students from the Leadership Centre serving food and volunteering on the different activity stations. Throw in a school camp, challenging bike ride and a spectacular watercolor themed Graduation Ceremony and it is no surprise we are all feeling a little tired and ready for a holiday!

“Graduation was special because everyone dressed up in nice clothes.” Michael, L6A
“Our introduction at Graduation was a Mannequin Challenge video, which was really cool because it had never been done before in other years.” Ella, L6A
“Graduation was special because it’s graduation, we are moving on to another chapter of our lives, new adventures, new friends. It’s super exciting!” Jeremy, L6S
“It is really scary leaving Canterbury Primary, but it is also so exciting to go to a new school. It will be hard to leave our old friends from CPS, but it will be so great to make new friends.” Catherine, L6S
“Our theme was a touch of water colour and we voted on that at the start of Term Four.” Charlie, L6J
“We thought our theme was really cool and original. It was the first time that students got to decide on the theme.” Hettie, L6P
“This term we worked in the kitchen a lot. I enjoyed it because we worked as a team.” Rhys, L5D
“This term we went into the city to do a scavenger hunt. It was really great because we had the best weather and it was really hard and challenging. In the end my team found all the clues and the bonus ones too.” Zac, L5D
“One of my favourite projects this term was Wearable Tech. I made a 3D printed hair piece. It’s shaped like a star and it lit up with LED lights.” Molly, L5R